Alice Cutter entered the under the name “Buchenwald Princess”, the jury was told.
This article contains distressing images of the victims of the genocide in Europe
"I think this is astonishing. This is what has happened to our country."
If you didn’t know already, the year is not 1939. And since that fateful annus horribilis the world has learned a number
In the USA, white supremacy and the brutality of the alt-right and Nazis are on the rise.
The posters surfaced in May, and appeared to be digitally created copies of Nazi-era Germany posters.
The posters contained "highly offensive references to Nazi propaganda and Neo-Nazism" and come at a time of heightened racial tension.
He sporadically shot babies and spent mornings using camp inmates as target practice.
The former home of a Nazi concentration camp commander who tortured Jews on the property is being converted into a luxury