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Image from Butterfly Lane

I'm a self-confessed colourphobe when it comes to interior design. If it's not in the taupe, grey, white, or from the 'neutral' family, I'm usually not listening! Now, as we begin to embrace the new season here at Butterfly Lane, I am determined to also embrace the subject of colour - and injecting it in to interior design. Now, baby steps are required...

Granted colour can look fabulous and cheerful but I want to ease it in to existing 'neutral' rooms with subtle charm not like the Dulux factory has exploded.

Step in accessories... my favourite.

The pale pink blanket and coordinating flowers add a subtle freshness to this neutral room.


Image from Butterfly Lane

These red silk chairs are stunning and add an instant impact to a room - nothing else is needed colour wise.


Image from Butterfly Lane

Yellow screams spring time joy and this room looks so inviting.


Image from Butterfly Lane

A cream and grey backdrop with punchy orange upholstery. How gorgeous?


Image from Butterfly Lane

Now deep down within my colourphobe personality I have a huge, unfaltering draw towards greeny/yellowy/citrussy tones *mouth drops to the floor in surprise*. Whether it be a notebook, a bracelet or a cushion, I am literally a bee around honey with this striking palette. This study (below) therefore is right up my street...although I'm not quite so brave so I will be wearing a scarf in this shade instead...and admiring from afar.


Image from Butterfly Lane

Calming blues lift this neutral bedroom...


Image from Butterfly Lane

A hit of yellow in your kitchen? Why not!


Image from Butterfly Lane

What's your favourite colour?