The Rising Trump

The Rising Trump

The rise and rise of Donald J. Trump proclaimed by some editorials as the 'The End of Western World' was inevitable if not foreseeable for those with their eyes open. The foundation of the America as we know it, was based on land grabbing and use of free slave labour. The proceeds were invested in white people whose standard of living began to rise enabling comfortable lives at expense of Native Americans and blacks who although emancipated still enslaved by a racial judiciary and structures which ultimately gave whites unfair advantage. The white people prevailed. Globalisation and free trade changed all that, and in the meantime, a neo-liberal political elite began to emerge finding greater ways to enrich themselves; only focusing on the super elite who commanded preferential treatment at all cost. Those who struck it lucky in the gold rush and oil drilling in America sort to go further afield in the form of the multinationals we know of today, and the focus shifted from the maintenance of white people to the enrichment of the global elite. The average white middle Americans standard of living reached stagnation in the late sixties early seventies and as America sort to dominate the world militarily creating and funding unending wars costing billions of dollars, and thus, slowly the American decline began, and as decades went by, the middle, especially white men who felt the gradual erosion of their status began to feel marginalised. That money had to come from somewhere, the public purse. Now America is the super power and its core structure cannot sustain that status. The state of education in America is in shambles, basic infrastructure crumbled after decades of neglect, and with basic healthcare provision non-existent for most, morale could not have been lower.

The older white people nostalgic of the yester years when the unfair advantage gave them a certain standard of living felt lost and disillusioned and when they complained, their governments turned a blind eye, until Donald J. Trump came along promising to re-ignite the spark of yesterday. He promised to make America great again, his rhetoric resonated with millions of the forgotten whites who lay on way side after the erosion of industry in America, the more uncouth he got the higher he rose, misogyny and racism did not offend because finally someone listened to the forgotten. He epitomises the American dream they so aspire to. They should pray that he lives long enough to unwind the structures laid down by successive governments whose roots are buried deep in the global structures of elitism. Will the corporations that have made billions from outsourcing facilitate their return to the United States slashing their margins? Will he seriously bring back coal mining despite the clear evidences of the global warming? Will he pull out all the military from their strategic locations around the world? will he deport all the 11 million illegal migrants working in America? Above all will he really build that wall? of course not, but Donald Trump may go down in history as the man who destroyed the western ideas of global dominance. One of the commentators thinking out loud said the World's political elite were in shock and afraid that Donald Trump would bring peace to the world as if that was a horrific thought. His main interests lie in America. As surprising as that statement might be to some, a world in chaos always paves the way for theft of recourses by those global elites. His talk of dismantling NATO has sent shock waves reverberating around Europe. His comradeship with Russia causes great unease as the tensions had risen to uncomfortable levels and World War 3 may indeed be averted.

The biggest impact I fear will be felt by those living in America, especially the minorities. Barely a day after a landslide victory, Donald Trump proclaimed that he would be electing an ultra-conserve supreme judge who would interpret the constitution as it was intended and everything that entails. The timing of the death of the right-wing conservative supreme judge Antonin Scalia could not have come at a worse time for ethnic minorities in America, but if it's any comfort to blacks in America whose lives deteriorated under the first black president a Democrat, Republicans have been responsible for a fairer America with many voting for the Civil Rights law of 1964 that promised legal equality for blacks and whites. Republicans vote by a majority to outlaw discrimination in public places and facilities, banned discrimination based on race, gender, religion or national origin by employers and government agencies. It also encouraged the desegregation of public schools whilst many Democrats shied away. Black people abstained from voting for Hilary Clinton who was so transparent with her affection for blacks, when queried by a black radio host as to one thing she always carried in her hand bag she replied the 'hot sauce' consumed by blacks with chicken. Even they saw through the thick veil of hypocrisy. At least with Donald J. Trump they knew where they were stood. They had eight years under Obama. He brought black people very little, by virtue of being black didn't guarantee his virtue was the virtue of Black Americans.


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