09/10/2012 11:15 BST | Updated 09/12/2012 05:12 GMT

Tales From the Middle of Nowhere (Vol. 2): Ciao Italia!


The gig in Doozle-dorf was not the best. Not for me anyway. I must tell you I've got glandular fever and have been suffering with it for nearly a month now. Been feeling my age recently.

Good job I've only got five weeks left and not five months eh? Did not feel up for it that night in Doodle-dorf anyway. My old voice is a little shot and if I'm being honest it is well past this tour's bedtime (so to speak). Still, we soldier on and like I say only five long weeks left.

SAYING THAT... a couple of gigs in my spiritual home of Italy is enough to perk anybody up and true to form the gigs in Florence and Bologna had enough healing properties to raise the dead, let alone give a tired man a lift!! They were unbelievable nights. Two of the very best.

What is it with you Italians? Why do you seem to "get it" more than anyone else? It's a constant source of fascination for me. On the other hand it also means one spends most of the time trapped in hotels as you can't leave for fear of being kidnapped or trampled to death or kissed to within an inch of your life (these are not complaints... just observations!).

These people sing their own versions of songs in between the songs they've paid to see you sing!! They sang for Mancini! They sang for Balotelli! They sang very nearly every Oasis song imaginable! The girls flashed there upper regions! They laughed and then they cried and then they surrounded the hotel thus ensuring that there could be no conceivable way to enter it without all the aforementioned things taking place again!




PS: I'm back in Germany again (who's routing this fucking tour)!