17/01/2012 07:24 GMT | Updated 18/03/2012 05:12 GMT

Tales From the Middle of Nowhere (Vol.2) - Gigging in Japan and My Younger Fans


Well, the gig went as well as could be expected for a band that ain't played for over a month. The old voice seems to have held up and all. I expect tonight to be a little bit better. Usually takes about four to five gigs to get back in the groove (not that we actually do groove!).

Anyway, the usual suspects were all present. The "NOEL OR DIE" sign was down the front. Last time I saw it it was just a bit of yellow tape stuck on a black piece of fabric. It's gone all posh now! Like a proper banner...Well done!!!

Now I don't know if you're aware of this but during gigs in Japan in between songs there is a deathly silence. Not sure why, but it's very disconcerting. At the end of any given song you get thunderous applause for about 10 seconds silence.

But last night, what can only be described as a little girl kept shouting out rather odd "statements". She sounded EXACTLY like my eldest young son which, in itself, was quite off-putting. And this is what she had to say, and the fact that she was saying it with a slightly creepy steely-eyed stare, made it all the more weird... get on this:

- NOEL, I LOVE YOU!! (Fair enough... what's not to love, eh?)


- CAN YOU KISS ME... PLEASE? (What, now? ...Right now?)

- NOEL, YOU ARE MY IDEAL MAN!! (Ideal man?)

- CAN I MARRY YOU? (Erm... no.)

- I WANT YOUR PICK!!! (Sorry....)

She said guitar pick, you filthy swine...I gave it to her after the show anyway, just to be nice and that (the pick!). All in all a good night.

I'm off to Kiddyland now to do a bit of shopping. It's a toy sells toys...not kids...I'm not Madonna!



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