Tales From the Middle of Nowhere (Vol.2) - For the Last Time This Year...

15/12/2011 11:12 GMT | Updated 14/02/2012 10:12 GMT

So comrades, for the last time in 2011...yes!!!'s been a few days, so here's what I can remember.

That KROQ thing was by far and away the most oddest 'gig' I've ever done. Not for any particular reason other than it was just weird.

These things are put on by the radio stations. So the people (competition winners), it seems, are only interested in what they've heard on the playlist for said radio station. You play anything that hasn't been a single (whatever that means these days) and it's met with total apathy. By the same rule, you play anything they've heard on the airwaves and the place goes apeshit. Like I say...weird.

I did get to meet that Florence lady from that Florence and the Machine. Nice girl. Couldn't be arsed sticking around to see the rest of the bands though (no offence).

So, the next day we was up at Warner Bros' studio to do that Conan Show (O'Brien, not the barbarian). Long day. Did manage to jib up to Hillside Studios - where I mixed the HFB album - to watch Man City v Chelsea. We got beat. We were a bit unlucky. Not nice losing though as it's something we are not used to...this season anyway.

The Conan thing was alright in the end.

Now...yesterday everybody flew back home leaving me here to shoot another video for yet another single. It's turning into a Thriller, this album. Four blimmin' singles!!! Unheard of, eh?

I'm doing it with the same people that have done the previous three so far. Gotta say, it might have been THE MOST fun I've ever had on a video shoot EVER. I won't give the game away now but it was a proper laugh.

Flying home myself today. Got a month or so off. Looking forward to seeing Nancy and the young guns.

Next time you hear from me I'll be in the great city of Tokyo, in the great nation of Japan. Mad food!!! Crazy kids!!! Awkward interviews!!! Sleep deprivation!!! No wonder they call it the land of the rising sun.