Tales From the Middle of Nowhere (Vol. 2): My First Earthquake

13/04/2012 17:23 BST | Updated 13/06/2012 10:12 BST

Yes comrades.

Been a colossal few days. Think the last time we spoke was just before the gig in Atlanta right?

And what a gig! I thought it was gonna be great the minute I set foot on the stage... incredible atmosphere, great sound, we played great. All in all a top, top, night. What made it for me was this little girl who stood on her seat in the front row and sang EVERY WORD to EVERY SONG for an hour and a half! She was only eight years old! (I know this because she gave me a note explaining that it was her first ever gig etc). The NSPCC needn't worry, she was with a responsible adult. Can't remember what she said her name was but she was cool as fuck anyway.

Left early the next day and flew to Mexico City. A couple of gigs preceded by three days off!!

Got a bit messy the first night. Too much mescal... which of course led to more mescal... what led to a late night and a quite filthy hang over. The next night we went to some cantina or other to watch some big football match between Chivaz and Americas. Utterly forgettable game.

Think Americas won it late on 1-0. Fucking rubbish.

Can't remember what happened the day after that. Nothing maybe, dunno, anyway the day AFTER that was gig day which started off early with a press conference. Fairly uneventful stuff the usual gear: Oasis, blah-blah, Liam... blah-blah (kill me now!)

I did get given a bottle of tequila though (which was nice). Sat and watched some kids in the main square flying home made kites after soundcheck, incredible. Not as incredible as the gig though, a truly special night.

Not as special as what happened the next day let me tell you. So, I'm half way through an interview for TV when all of a sudden the lights which were lighting the room gently started to sway from side to side and the door began to rattle slightly.

Now, I didn't take much notice of this until the camera man very softly and calmly said "we have to leave and go to the outside there is an earthquake happening." Just like that!

So, we all get evacuated into the car-park and the whole place is just gently rocking back and forth. A bit like being on a boat... mad as fuck! 6.9 on the Richter scale it was! I loved it... my first earthquake.

The gig that night (last night in fact) was even more special than the one the night before. The support band got booed off! BOOED OFF! I've never seen that in nearly 20 years... I loved that too!

I'll forever remember my own show for a funny scene with someone holding up a placard that said "NOEL WILL YOU MARRY ME?" Thing is it was actually a guy! And he looked genuinely upset when I informed him I was already spoken for... what the fuck? Funny though.

We left the building in the middle of a downpour. The streets were teaming with water and they stunk of cabbage and piss... nice.

Which brings me to today. I'm back in my second home Los Angeles. Doing that Coachella festival.

Looking forward to it.