07/11/2016 06:34 GMT | Updated 04/11/2017 05:12 GMT

Can Mindfulness Help Kick Diabetes Into Touch?

Do I have your interest? Good, because this is a rather big question, with even bigger ramifications.

Britain has an estimated 4 million diabetics, many yet to be diagnosed and the treatment of diabetes currently costs £10 billion a year - That's a tenth of the total annual NHS budget.

A wee while ago, I spoke at a professional development event at the BBC in Glasgow on Mindfulness and Leadership. Whenever I talk about any aspect of Mindfulness, be that the personal or the professional, I always provide the evidence-base. The Why, not just the What and the How!

I pointed out that in Glasgow, over 60,000 people were currently diagnosed with diabetes. Whilst it is estimated at least another 140,000 city residents were at risk, or related to someone who already has the condition.

I also pointed out that diabetes across the UK is the cause of 7000 amputations a year - or, put another way, 135 limbs are cut-off every week.

That's a pretty alarming statistic in itself, but what's even more alarming however is that whilst only 1-in-15 people are diabetic, diabetes accounts for 50% of all amputations!

So, where's the good news story in all this and how does Mindfulness fit in?

Well the practice of Mindfulness has been linked to healthy glucose levels and diabetics in Scotland are now being taught the principles.

It's when the cells stop responding to the insulin needed to maintain healthy glucose levels that damage to organs, blindness and strokes occur.

High glucose levels in the blood damage the delicate lining of the small arteries in the body and not only does high blood sugar make infections more virulent, poor circulation means antibiotics struggle to reach the infected areas.

Daily Mindfulness breathing practice however can turn the tables. Not only does it lower cortisol levels (the stress hormone) in our blood and help keep the heart healthy, it can also reduce glucose levels which is great news, as well as being further evidence of the far-reaching efficacy of Mindfulness.

It's another reason why there is such a buzz around it and it's not just about Well Being and Well Doing.

Neither is it just about it being the new secret weapon in the Boardroom; the key to really good to great leadership; something that turns up your brightness switch; or being WD40 for Education.

It's also now recognised as something that may very probably save lives!

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