3 Weeks Until UFC: Nottingham

11/09/2012 11:00 BST | Updated 07/11/2012 10:12 GMT

This week's training has been tough, there is just 3 weeks to go until my fight so I've worked on a full range of technique and fitness drills.

Monday consisted of wrestling and grappling during the day, followed by pads in the evening with one of my coaches. Tuesday involved sparring first thing in the morning, followed by drills and Thai pads after. It's definitely the hardest morning of the week in the gym. That evening I went into the gym for wrestling with Mike Grundy.

Wednesday was the same schedule as Monday morning, however this time we did more cage work. The night's exercise involved pads and boxing sparring. On Thursday we sparred first, and then did a few ground pound drills, followed by Thai pads. Thursday evening I went in to the gym to do some Thai pads and wrestling technique, which is really important for the fights.

Friday morning I practiced a lot of rolling and bad positions, really trying to work on the technique again. The night class focussed on technical sparring.

Saturday I taught in the morning, it's great to be able to relay my knowledge and help other guys out. After doing weights in the afternoon, I had time off and relaxed for the rest of the weekend!

One thing that caught my attention in the news this week was England's ex-cricket captain Freddie Flintoff is training to become a boxer. I think it's great that Freddie is trying his hand at another sport, why not? A lot of people have said that the two sports are too different for him to succeed, but Freddie has proved that he's a skilled athlete, as long as he has the drive, determination and will power to train 6 days a week, I think he will succeed.

I do a lot of boxing in my training, in MMA is as important to have great striking skills as well as being able to submit opponents on the floor. If Freddie would be interested, it would be great to have him down to Team Kaobon in Liverpool to train with me, training with a mixed martial artist might give him the edge he needs to win his debut in November.

Remember you can get tickets to see me fight on 29th September at the Capital FM Arena in Nottingham from www.ticketmaster.co.uk or www.ufc.com