10/07/2014 05:21 BST | Updated 09/09/2014 06:59 BST

Magaluf Girl Giving 24 BJs Isn't the Problem, Our Unhealthy Drink Culture Is

Since Magaluf Girl was filmed mamading - that's giving 24 men blowjobs for a free drink - great debate has erupted over consent, whether she's being slut-shamed or taken advantage of.

But while the incident is shocking, I doubt there are any women (or men) who have been on a lads or ladies holiday and haven't come across something similar.

Brits abroad are a well known nightmare - both for the Foreign Office who have to help stags with their genitals superglued to Latvian lamp-posts and for the locals who have to endure teens and adults literally running riot, hopped up on cheap shots.

When people are placed in a pressure-cooker environment set within a microcosm (think football hooliganism or festivals, for example), perfectly normal people do seriously grim things such as punch someone in the nose or crap beside someone's tent (yes, I'm looking at whoever did this to me at Bestival).

During a 20-something, tequila-fuelled trip to Malia (where The Inbetweener's film was set) it was every bit as terrifying as the film made out. People snogging and groping en masse, there was lots of alcohol and a Lord of the Flies atmosphere that felt positively feral.

I remember a mate voluntarily flashing her boobs much to our collective horror, but the look on her face however wasn't one of sexual exploitation; she was having the time of her life.

That's not to say women aren't exploited or there aren't complete creeps who lurk at the edges trying to take advantage of young women, but I think we need to remember that alcohol has got a big role to play in this.

It isn't a question whether or not Magaluf Girl was drunk, but the bigger, dysfunction we have as a nation where a) we can't abide teetotallers and assume they are joyless weirdos and b) we have a pack mentality where everyone chugs as much booze as possible long after our university years.

Personally, I find it exhausting.

I made the conscious decision to stop drinking to excess after I realised that I didn't really like feeling hungover all the time and I was fed up of doing stupid things. But no one made it easy for me - some friends even refused to meet up unless I was drinking.

The same people who are pointing the finger at Magaluf Girl most likely aren't any better in the drinking and doing stupid things department. We have a drink culture that wholeheartedly believes in peer pressure and excess, and for some reason, we don't think there is something wrong with that.

Teetotallers aren't any more moral or better people, but I think that before blaming Magaluf Girl for being bereft of any decency, we should take a long, hard look at the drink culture than even normalised this type of behaviour in the first place.