Rachel Reviews... Incahoot's Concierge Service

03/08/2012 16:32 BST | Updated 03/10/2012 10:12 BST


Incahoot is a free online group-buying site that provides lots of nice discounts on household bills like broadband, energy and insurance.This in itself is worth a trip to the website, but what I really like is its 'Concierge Service,' which promises to remove the hassle of switching suppliers - for free. Let's face it - no one enjoys the pain of working out the best deal when every single brand on the planet is vying for attention.

Furthermore, research conducted by Incahoot last year revealed that Brits just don't like asking for a better deal, even if they know they're spending too much money. It's not exactly practical when the Government has announced the biggest austerity and cuts programme in recent history.

But back to the Concierge Service.

All people who are looking to switch providers need to do is send in a copy of their latest bill and Incahoot will work out how much money they can save. Sometimes the results can be pretty shocking, but if you're unimpressed there's no pressure to do anything else. But at least you'll know for sure that you're on the right tariffs.

Check out the website to find out where you'll need to send your bills to.

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