There's nothing dumb about taking a break from social media.
Many dating sites are riddled with fake profiles and the numbers of people being deceived online has soared
Thousands of Vodafone customers have been given the opportunity to leave their phone contracts for free after Ofcom found
Online dating in Britain is a massive phenomenon with one in three under 40 year olds now using dating sites and Apps to
Mobile is where Mardi Gras originated in the United States, first celebrated in 1703 by French settlers who brought the tradition from Europe. Mardi Gras in New Orleans may be better-known - notorious, even - but Mobile beat them to it by several years. It's also much more of a family occasion than the raucous behaviour you get in New Orleans.
Modern consumers are different beasts to their/our parents' generation. The way bills are paid, taxis booked, newspapers read and even birthday cards sent has changed and barring the occasional retro experience, we are not looking back.
Unplugging is a hot trend among creatives. A US rapper Kanye West famously tweeted that he got rid of his smartphone to have "air to create". British musician Ed Sheeran, according to some critics, wrote his "best album ever yet" after taking a full digital detox.
One of my proudest moments is when I was 17-years-old and became the first teenager in the world to achieve 1m App Store downloads with my facial recognition app, Face Rate. The app eventually went on to get nearly 7m downloads in total before I licensed the software to News Corp and got offered the position of Head of Digital Product Innovation, but that story's for another time.
The media spotlight tends to shine most brightly on a limited number of high-end smartphones in the mobile industry. It's easy to understand why; they come from manufacturers who have a significant portion of the global market, and are touted as having the latest 'must have' innovations and features.