A British Broadband public service will deliver fast and free full-fibre internet, the party has pledged.
Customers aren't happy with any of the major providers, says Which?
Unsurprisingly no-one's buying it because it's too expensive.
It could offer speeds of 1000Mbps - 20 times faster than the UK average.
The faster speeds will let you download a TV show in just 16 seconds.
Most broadband providers use telephone lines to provide an Internet connection to homes so line rental will be included in the broadband package. However, not everyone wants to pay line rental or has the need for landline phones.
Technology certainly drives the imagination. A friend of mine has been talking about buying up rural pubs, in Ireland, convinced that driverless cars will lead a major change in drinking habits as people socialise out-of-town again. It may happen, but then again this is a revolution that could veer off in an entirely different direction.
Something quite tragic happened in our family home that had a devastating impact on all of our lives. It made us rethink how we interact as a family. It raised questions about the way that we spend time together. It challenged the way that we relax, cook food, listen to music even which rooms we sit in. There was no fire or flood... we lost our Wi-Fi service. For over a week.
Post Office and TalkTalk broadband customers have had their internet access cut after the two firms were hit by the same