30/01/2017 06:38 GMT | Updated 31/01/2018 05:12 GMT

Bridal Makeup: A Service Worth Paying For


Photographer: James Sommerville / Model: Emma McGrane

In this article I have written some of the main points you need to consider when it comes to your wedding makeup.

First starting off with hiring someone who is low budget.

They do not offer a trial

Makeup trials are important so that you can go through all of the desired looks and find your perfect one. It also means that the makeup artist is organised on the day and knows what to bring.

They will not have a contract

A contract ensures a money back guarantee for you if they do not show up, cancel or you are unhappy with their services. Without a contract, there is nothing that can be done if any dire circumstances occur.

They will not know the basics of makeup hygiene

Makeup hygiene includes throwing old products out, scooping creams out on a palette/back of the hand, washing hands, an obvious one would be maintaining clean brushes and not using dirty brushes on the client.

They will not be prepared

Preparation is key. Most professionals will pack their kit the night before then double check everything they need in the morning. Someone who has been hired for £15 is probably gonna pack their "kit" five minutes before they leave.

They will do what they want, not what you want

Most cheap artists are used to applying an "instagram brow" and "heavy contour" when you want a very soft and natural look, they will not be able to cater that look for you as they are not accustomed to doing it.

They will often not show up, be extremely late or cancel last minute

I have heard too many horror stories of a bride-to-be booking a makeup artist for around £20 because they prioritise everything but the makeup. It comes to the night before and they get a text.

"Sorry, can't make it. Forgot that I have a doctors appointment, oops! Congratulations tho lol!! x"

Do you want to end up in this situation? No. No you don't.

You may say to yourself

"...but surely doing your own makeup on the day won't be that bad! I do my own makeup all of the time"

This brings me onto:

Doing your own makeup!

Most people do not know how to apply makeup meant for 24 hour wear, to last through running around everywhere, dancing in a crowded room and flash photography.

"How different can it be?"

The makeup has to last all day and all night long

Most people I know do not know what products or techniques to use to make their makeup last the whole day. When it is your wedding day, you will probably be lucky if you have time to pee twice throughout most of the day, nevermind reapply your makeup!

You are the star of the show. You will be photographed by everyone.

There are specific application techniques and makeup products themselves that are designed for photographs.

It is your day. You should be getting pampered.

Not gonna lie, even I will not be doing my own makeup on my wedding day. Why would you even want to do your own makeup on your big day? Get pampered, treat yo' self!

You are more likely to make mistakes and take longer

I know for a fact even if I perfect my makeup ten times in a row before my big day, because of how nervous I will be, I will do something wrong and stress myself out.

You will not have the professional products required

We use high quality, pigmented products that are to be especially used for these kind of events.

What you are paying for

A lot of people seem to just think that we come to you, apply your makeup and then job done. No. Job not done. Job halfway finished.

Costs of professional makeup

Most of the makeup used by the makeup artist is high end, costly products. Makeup ain't cheap! My kit is probably worth over more than £1,000. Yes, I am deadly serious.

Knowledge and training

Makeup artists require some form of training. We don't just go to makeup school for one week and then suddenly roll out becoming a professional.

The preparation

The phrase time is money is real. You're paying for your day and the preparation of this day including back and forth messages/emails about dates, times, what look you would like, preparing our kits, cleaning our brushes as well as the time it takes for us to set up and to wait out any inconveniences.


Contracts will be standard, but depending on the situation, it may need changed. We do not just get these handed to us on a silver platter, we need to pay for that silver platter.

First published on Rachel's Blog