31/07/2014 08:49 BST | Updated 30/09/2014 06:59 BST

National Orgasm Day - How to Ensure Your Day Goes Off With a Bang

Yuri Arcurs via Getty Images

It's National Orgasm Day people. If ever you needed an excuse, here's one, served up to you hot. Take in my tips for him and her below and make sure your day explodes in fireworks.

Tips for him;

On this special day everyman should take his time to seduce his partner, the longer and more deliciously you lead her through her early phases of arousal, the more glorious her orgasm will be.

Over the course of the evening, in listening to her talk, in admiring her, in expressing exactly how you want her you are indulging in some serious foreplay. You cannot overestimate the importance of making her feel valued and special - in terms of the relationship, sure, but also in terms of her rising up into a blissed out state of orgasm.

If she likes to be on top, try Asian Cowgirl, with her weight resting on the soles of her feet not her knees. Or Reverse Asian Cowgirl, which is her facing in the other direction. Perhaps add in a vibrating cock ring or let her bring herself to climax while straddling you with a pebble-style vibrator.

Tips for her:

Upon hearing 'It's National Orgasm Day' your man is going to get very excited. And the fact that you can make him come with little more than a flirtatious look in your eye and three minutes of shattering fellatio does not mean that you should. Not today, anyway.

Before you let him touch you, build the tension; it will in turn move his climax up the Richter Scale. Make him sit there and let him watch you. Try holding his eye contact as you let your dress fall to the floor, and stand there naked but for your stockings. Tell him not to touch you as you lean over him so close that he feels the heat of your breath, as you trail kisses down his stomach...

If you both adore the cave man immediacy of Doggy, try Puppy, in which you lower your face and forearms onto the ground, wonderfully increasing the pressure on your G-Spot.

For Both

Mix it up. Even the simplest techniques can be modified for maximum pleasure. For example in Missionary, where he is sliding his body horizontally along hers - moving in the direction of her head - a grinding rather than a thrusting motion will provide her with a marvelously orgasmic extra stimulation. Then again, you might introduce a vibe toy, providing a range of different intensities of vibration, and seamlessly stimulating both of you during lovemaking.

Whatever you get up to remember; tempting as it is to fall into the things you always do, the things that work, National Orgasm day is the perfect opportunity to consider the myriad possibilities of love-making.

Oh, and if your on your own...

Whether you are alone or indeed with several partners, it is worth remembering the joys of manual dexterity. It is often quoted that only a third of women are able to achieve orgasm through intercourse (though it is unclear if they have tried the above ideas), and finger work can be a glorious thing.