01/08/2013 11:20 BST | Updated 28/09/2013 06:12 BST

Businesses Need to Think Small When It Comes to Marketing

These days, businesses really tend to be on the ball when it comes to digital marketing methods.

These days, businesses really tend to be on the ball when it comes to digital marketing methods. A growing number of companies in all sectors have come to realise that an online presence and online marketing are vital to their success. But are some businesses missing out on the benefits of simple yet effective marketing methods by focusing too heavily on the obvious?

Industry experts have recently pointed out the importance of 'thinking small' for businesses that want to market their goods or services more effectively. According to experts, many businesses are quick to sign up to more complex and costly marketing strategies but are paying little attention to simpler, cost effective methods that could have a big impact on their results.

Many companies, both large and small, have invested a lot of time and money in the creation of quality websites and on digital media advertising over recent years. While these are very important areas when it comes to business marketing, there are many smaller tricks that businesses are missing out on and which could prove to be extremely effective marketing tools according to industry specialists. For example, social media marketing has become a vital tool in the world of business. However, there are many companies that still haven't got their heads around the concept and are therefore missing out on the potential business boost that this could provide.

One expert in the field, Stephen Phillips, claims that businesses need to make sure they 'think small' as well as thinking big when it comes to marketing their services. He said that while many companies are quick to spot the more obvious marketing methods, many are failing to think outside the box and utilise small yet effective methods that could complement their overall marketing campaigns.

He stated:

"Businesses of all sizes are wasting valuable opportunities in what has become a very competitive business world. For example, some companies send out huge numbers of emails on a daily basis but the only thing they have on these emails is their signature. By adding the right email stationery companies can turn every email they send out into a business opportunity. This can be done through using products such as promotional banners within the emails and clickable letter heads."

He said that this sort of simple marketing could have a valuable snowball effect, as the emails may be forwarded on to other people by the original recipients. This could help to drive more traffic to the company website and generate greater opportunities for the business. The solution is also a very simple one to implement but can continue to generate interest, business and opportunities on an ongoing basis.

Another industry professional, Martin Smith, echoed this advice, adding that for smaller businesses in particular grabbing every opportunity to advertise the business online was vital. He said that this was a big part of the potential growth and success of smaller companies and therefore something that they needed to make the most of.