17/06/2013 09:03 BST | Updated 15/08/2013 06:12 BST

Soaring Obesity Levels Spur People into Action

Over the past two or three decades, obesity levels amongst both adults and children in countries such as the UK and the USA have soared. In an age of fast living and fast food, poor diet and lack of exercise have contributed to obesity levels tripling in some areas over the space of three decades.

One of the main concerns associated with weight problems and obesity is general health, as being overweight can lead to an increased risk of a range of serious and even potentially fatal health issues. Health authorities have invested a lot of time and money into raising awareness of the dangers of being overweight, and more and more people have realised that excess weight is not just about how they look.

Over recent years, industries such as the health food sector and the weight loss industry have become multibillion dollar ones. The increasing success of these industries in both the UK and USA has illustrated the rising interest that people have developed in either losing excess weight or maintaining a healthy weight. There was a time when the main motivator for those spending money on weight loss or health products was simply to look good. However, more and more people are being spurred into action to lose weight because they want to improve their health rather than change their image.

Health risks associated with being overweight

A number of health risks are associated with being overweight, and the more overweight a person is the more the risks are increased. Some of the serious or potentially fatal health problems linked with being overweight or obese include:

• Hypertension

• Diabetes

• Arthritis

• Heart disease

• Breast or prostate cancer

• Infertility

• Stress and depression

• Sleep problems

• Gallstones

These are just some of the health issues that can stem from being overweight or obese, and are amongst the reasons why more people are taking a stand against obesity.

The best way to tackle the problem

There are many different methods that people turn to these days in order to shed excess pounds and increase health levels. One of the most effective methods of losing weight is also one of the simplest - healthy eating coupled with physical activity. Of course, changes to your diet and exercise regime should be made based on your level of obesity and your existing fitness levels, but developing a healthy eating programme along with an exercise regime to suit your circumstances is one of the healthiest ways of losing excess weight.

When it comes to increasing fitness and physical activity, some people find that joining a local gym is an effective option. However, this is not the most suitable option for everyone, as some find that it is both costly and mundane, which means that they are more likely to stop going and fall back into bad habits. Going it alone with home exercise equipment can also be the downfall of some people, as it is all too easy to simply give up. However, there are alternatives for those who want to increase their fitness and activity levels. For instance, you can look at contacting a personal trainer for expert advice and bespoke exercise regimes.

In addition to getting expert assistance with regards to increasing fitness levels, it is also a good idea to get advice on healthier eating. Contacting a nutritionist, whether independently or via your doctor, will enable you to draw up a healthy eating plan that takes into account your dietary and nutritional needs.

As a person loses weight, shaping and toning the body will become increasingly important and many people decide to get professional, expert fitness training at places such as resync, which focuses on achieving excellent results through innovative training methods that use the body's own resistance. Options such as this are less mundane than heading to the gym and provide far more motivation for those who want to increase their fitness levels and tone up.