22/01/2017 11:42 GMT | Updated 21/01/2018 05:12 GMT

Hard Tuesday - May Comes Clean At last

Still in shock from May's speech.

I expected more subtlety... but she gave us 'Global Britain', jingoism. and bravado: "No deal is better than a bad deal". Really? In two years time, will that still be the mantra? No deal with the world's largest trading bloc on your doorstep, is better than any deal?

"Punishing the UK will be an act of self-harm". Does she not understand national politics and the concept of public opinion? Brexit is a gigantic act of self-harm created by UK political pressures. But it may happen nevertheless. Rejection of UK's advances to 'do us a nice deal' by the EU may be self-harm, but if that is the mood of public opinion in Europe it may well happen.

So her plan is to serve Article 50 and then negotiate such a nice deal. EU's trade with the UK: 7% . UK's trade with the EU: 44%. Who needs a deal most? Who will have the upper hand in negotiations? If she rejects the idea of a 'bad deal' - which is most likely what will be on offer, certainly a deal less good than the one we have now - then the sure outcome is no deal. No trade deal with the world's largest trading bloc. Bravado? Or madness?

She is presumably emboldened in her madness by Trump's off the cuff promise to 'put Britain at the top of the queue' for a trade deal. Trump - a man whose word you can really trust....? And even once at the 'top of the queue', how many years to finalise a deal? They don't happen overnight, there will be many powerful vested interests in the US involved and blocking details, it could take five or 10 years.

We are told that New Zealand and Australia are queuing up. No disrespect to them, but two countries with the equivalent combined populations of Romania and Belgium, 12,000 miles distant are not a replacement for 27 countries with a population of 450 million just 22 miles away.

We are told that membership of the EU inhibits our ability to trade globally. At present we do 'only' 44% of our trade with the EU, as Leaver love to tell us. Simple arithmetic tells us that we trade 56% with the rest of the world. Membership of the EU doesn't seem to be so inhibiting then.

"Victors and losers"... The referendum was NOT created by Parliament in the form of a win or lose vote. It was created in the form of a consultation, the result of which legally and constitutionally should have been passed to Parliament for consideration and action, taking into account the result AND other factors such as the national interest. Now, we are all losers.

"I offered to guarantee the security of EU citizens in the UK but was turned down" Why? Because the EU have taken the common position of no negotiations before A50. She knows that; so her hypocritical surprise is disingenuous. Nevertheless, she could have made a generous and humane unilateral offer to reassure EU citizens here. No, she would rather treat human beings as 'bargaining chips'. This is perhaps the most callous and heartless expression of her megalomania.

"She will give Parliament a vote on the deal". Fine, but did she say "free vote"? I don't think so.

And of course, she talked about the principal reason for the referendum fiasco, the myth of immigration. Immigration which as Home Secretary for six years, she failed to control, even though the EU rules permit controls. She failed to set up a register of new EU residents which would have allowed control, as is done in Belgium for example. She failed to limit immigration from outside the EU, which is more than half the yearly total, more than from the EU.

And at this point in writing I had a realisation; that this may point to an explanation for her mad obsession. She failed to deliver on immigration while in charge. Not a nice feeling for a high achiever. Who can she blame for that? Of course - blame the European Union for it all. Once we leave, the problem will be solved. The Holy Grail will be mine. Inflict self-harm on the nation if necessary, but divert attention from my failure as Home Secretary and bask in praise from my troupe of europhobic sycophants as the victor who delivered on Immigration in the end.

O Brave New Land. Much Hope, but I fear there will be little Glory.