05/02/2016 08:22 GMT | Updated 03/02/2017 05:12 GMT

How to Get Into the Design Industry

As with any career, the first steps can sometimes be the most difficult, and design is no different. There is no definitive set of rules when embarking on a career in the creative, but there are many ways to strengthen your case. I've created a list of four tips that are easy to implement, no matter your current status, and will help assist you on your journey to design success.

Come prepared

If you know a specific sector of design you want to get into, look at job adverts and requirements - do you have the skills already or do you need to brush up in some areas. Sometimes it can be as simple as teaching yourself new skills, and with the internet you will always find a blog or YouTube tutorial to help you get started. In design I find that you can learn a lot by just doing, so the more you explore your skillset the more you can improve them.

Talk industry

Speaking to people in the industry is the best way to get honest insights and find out if it's definitely the right career for you. You can meet people at design events and fairs or even start a conversation in blog comments online. By talking to working designers you can make great connections that might even result in a mentorship or work experience.

Get experience

If you want to get into the design field, you need to have a portfolio of work to show and projects to talk about. If you are really at the beginning of your journey, set yourself projects or even see if family friends need any design work needing done - this way you have experience of working to a brief. As I said before, I find that I really learn by doing, so the more creating you do - the better designer you will become.

Share the joy

Love design and show it. It's an industry that is filled with real enthusiasts for what they do, and that's what makes it a really great environment to work in. You should be absorbing the design you like, going to design talks and exhibitions, tweet about it or maybe even write a blog about it. It's wonderful to be in a career you really enjoy, so share your passion and convince an employer to be passionate about you!