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Christmas Pop-Ups: How Brands Are Standing Out In 2015

A pop-up event is essentially an interactive advert that allows the customer to participate. For brands, they are an effective way of reaching a target audience through creative means, and the festive period is the perfect time as consumer attention is largely focused on brands' commercial activity. Here are some top tips on why brands should consider pop-up events and the benefits they can bring.

Why should you choose a pop-up event?

Pop-up events are a great way of creating excitement through the idea of having something that is here today and gone tomorrow, encouraging people to embrace the moment. They are a chance to take creative risks and reach your target consumer through alternative outlets. They are also an excellent opportunity to promote your brand and gain valuable face-to-face interaction, from which you can get useful feedback directly from customers, potential or actual.

How to make your Christmas pop-up event stand out

An effective pop-up will be both creative and innovative. To stand out from the competition you have to be original. You should cater to your target demographic by creating something influenced by the things that excite them, in an area that is accessible to them, such as Bompas and Parr's Winter Experience at The Shard, for example. Visitors to The Shard expect a premium offering and Bompas and Parr specialise in these kind of bespoke sensory experiences. This partnership creates something that is unique, seasonal and available for a limited period of time - creating buzz and attracting consumers. A pop-up event is also a great platform for introducing new products, stores or services and can also increase brand recognition of current offerings.

How to attract people to your pop up event

The key here is to offer something that is different and exciting with an unmistakably festive theme. Host prize draws, offer promotional giveaways and incentives, and incorporate an element of surprise. Also consider teaming up with a complementary brand to offer a complete experience - like the Forest on the Roof Restaurant at Selfridges, which has been created by collaborating with the Des McDonald Restaurant for a festive dining experience. Social media platforms help create a buzz and get people talking.

Which brands are doing a good job this year?

Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland is always a great pop-up event every year, without fail. Again, the event really captures a sense of 'here today, gone tomorrow', and has become the go-to Christmas experience. Similar to Winter Wonderland is Winterville, in London's Victoria Park, where Backyard Cinema is curating a programme of suitably seasonal classics. Additionally, Fortnum and Mason have partnered with Somerset House to create a unique ice skating experience, where you can enjoy bespoke mini Christmas hampers and buy limited edition products - a nice touch.

Finding new and inventive ways to reach your target market is a great way of increasing awareness of your brand and Christmas pop-ups offer an excellent opportunity for doing this. They create the chance for you to be bold and brave and allow interaction with your audience in an environment that appeals to their appetite for the festive period. Merry Christmas.

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