17/01/2013 10:37 GMT | Updated 19/03/2013 05:12 GMT

Religion, Politics and Charity - 10 Reasons to Fundraise for Conflict Zones such as Gaza

People at times are reluctant to part-take in fundraising to help those in conflict zones often because of political or religious implications. Afraid of appearing biased or tarnishing their reputation, they steer away from those in need in conflict zones. The truth is, how can helping a child survive ever tarnish a reputation? Any reputation it tarnishes is simply not worth having.

Here are some reasons why it's worth enduring and taking part in fundraising events for those in conflict zones.

1. Humanity.

We are all human regardless of race, religion and background. When it comes to helping others it doesn't matter if we call Zakat, Sewa, Charity or just simply "something I did one day". What truly matters is that we do it. This time last year I took part in Muslims Hand's Winter Walk for Gaza. Some found it strange a Hindu woman raising money for a Muslim charity but it reminded people that charity is unconditional.

2. Politics.

Regardless of people's political views I'm sure we can all agree that every child deserves to be taken care of. Disputed land often creates debate, and whilst debates are helpful to educate one another, we mustn't let it distract us from realising people in these areas need help to survive.

3. Children are innocent.

Every child is entitled to healthcare. Every child is entitled to live the life granted to them as freely as possible. Food, shelter, healthcare and education are necessities.

4. No cause is a "lost cause".

If we work to build a hospital and it gets destroyed in conflict is it worth it? Yes, because that hospital during it's time will have helped many people. A mother should never be left feeling helpless when her child is in pain. If there's an opportunity to make the slightest difference, it is worth it.

5. Develop yourself.

Fundraising enables you to be creative and develop skills you already have.

If you have a passion, incorporate it in your fundraising. This can be art, music, writing, speaking, dance, anything.

6. You'll find ways to take rejection better.

Fundraising on the streets can be tough. Sometimes people are too busy to talk or simply cross to the other side of the street once seeing you. Endurance and patience is required.

7. Take up a challenge!

You'll soon realise you can achieve more than you thought you ever could.

8. Educate and involve people for a cause you are passionate about.

And you also get to meet other like-minded people.

9. Learn.

Take this opportunity to learn more about people, culture and history. You will also get to meet those who are different to you which can be great. They may even have different views to you. Keep your mind open and learn from them.

10. Socially accepted sillyness.

Everyone likes to be silly. This way you can be silly for a good cause.

There are plenty of events and charities out there. The best advice I have is simply... go for it.

If I've manage to convince you to fundraise, here are a couple more tips:

More details of this years Winter Walk for Gaza can be found here: