25/03/2013 16:11 GMT | Updated 25/05/2013 06:12 BST

Why Should You Care About Independent Midwifery?

Soon independent midwives will cease to exist in the UK, simply because there is no-one there to insure them. I went to this week's march on Westminister to save independent midwives to support City University's midwifery society. I soon came to realise this is an issue that affects each and every one of us.

I'm not a mother. But if there's anything I know about childbirth, God-willing when I do go through it, it will be the scariest time of my life. I believe childbirth to be one of life's greatest blessings, it's so precious - it's scary.

Choice in childbirth is an issue of freedom and choice - all of which should be granted to a woman especially during a time of such significance.

Independent midwifery is an option that allows women to have their children at home - where they feel safe and secure. Whilst the NHS provides this service, it would not be possible for every woman to have this option without independent midwives.

The NHS has provided a great service for many, many women, it is the right for women to have independent midwives available for extra-support and full birth-plans.

Independent midwives bring confidence, comfort and experience to those who chose to use them.

What do independent midwives provide to those who don't use them? They set a bar for the standard of care the NHS should aim to provide for the best treatment possible for women. David Cameron referred to independent midwifery as providers of "gold standard care." This is an incentive for the NHS to keep up to speed, providing even greater care for women.

Without independent midwives, the service would be a monopoly to UK's childbirth and could do as it pleased - this could see the standard of care reduced.

So that is why for every father, mother, brother, uncle, sister, aunt, cousin - out there, this is a concern for you. Sign the petition and keep updated here.