Women have been taking to the streets for hundreds of years in the fight for liberation and equality. From the Women’s March in Versailles in 1789, through the Suffragette and Women’s Liberation Movements, to the global Women’s Marches of 2017, we take a look back through history at the times women have marched for change.
'Institutions and groups are abstract notions, but very valuable and exceedingly important abstract notions nonetheless.'
'It is important that we constantly give content and context to what we commemorate and why.'
Has Africa freed herself from the chains of mental slavery that Bob Marley sings about in 'Redemption Song'?
The country has experienced a wake-up call to the reality that a liberation party is not necessarily one equipped to be a governing party.
Youth must continue the unfinished activism against patriarchy/misogyny, homophobia, afrophobia and corruption.
You can feel the spirit of South Africa in the air across all nine provinces.
The democratic gains of 1994 have not translated into the fundamental freedoms of dignity, safety and security, especially for women and girls.
"From my perspective, I have carried with me an obvious and indisputable connection to a painful past."
Conversations about race take place in South Africa every single day, even when South Africans do not mention the words race, racism, black or white.