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You Don't Need a New Diet Plan to Get Slim, You Just Need a Plan You Can Stick With!

It's the same story from increasingly more people I encounter from day to day in my job as a trainer and health consultant. These people we all know whose weight problem is everyone's fault but their own.

"I've tried every diet there is; the cabbage diet, the Cambridge diet, the watermelon and soup diet, the Atkins......"

I've lost count of how many times I've heard this kind of monologue from people seeking a 'diet solution'. It's the same story from increasingly more people I encounter from day to day in my job as a trainer and health consultant. These people we all know whose weight problem is everyone's fault but their own. They seem to believe that by verbally listing the various diet plans they have dabbled with to whoever will listen somehow negates these diets' effectiveness in dealing with their weight problem-even though thousands of other people have used many of the same methods and had varying degrees of success!

When failure is experienced, in almost any area of life, it is invariably the individual, not the method that has failed. Just a couple of months ago, a acquaintance of mine was telling me of an incredible new online marketing company he had discovered through a friend. This friend was, quote; "Making a fortune with this system of sales!"

He intended to leave his current job which he didn't like and jump on board this new opportunity. Just recently I enquired how this get rich quick venture was working out for the new inductee and I was told "Oh that was a waste of time, the support just wasn't there and there was too much stuff to learn!" Simply, this guy had discovered the work involved in this project and walked away-not because it didn't work but because he couldn't hack it. Sadly this lack of accountability runs like a river through many people's lives one way or another.

They get up, go to a job they don't like, complain to anyone who will listen, work begrudgingly for the day then when they get home they have something to eat, watch a little TV and go to bed and hope somehow that next week/month/year things will be different and life will start going their way. The very definition of insanity is doing the same thing every day and expecting a different result. If you want true and meaningful change in your life and new levels of success in your career or personal life you must be willing to do all that you can to earn it. Acquiring extra money means extra time spent learning new methods of making it. Likewise a successful weight loss plan requires planning and organising.

You can't get up, skip breakfast, grab a fast food lunch then get a takeaway meal at night and expect to look or feel healthy! You can't make healthy choices all week and then pig-out at weekends and undo all of the good work like so many people do! Likewise you can't stick to a plan based on pseudo-scientific gobbldygook which involves mixing up health drinks to replace meals two or three times a day or one which removes major food groups entirely from your diet.

You need to stock up the fridge with the right healthy choices of real food daily. Choices once based on convenience must go. Prepare and eat a healthy breakfast while you cook and make your up your lunch for work every day. If you fail to prepare a healthy lunch you'll grab whatever is available. It takes a little more time to do this every day which means incredibly to some, that you must get up a little earlier in the morning than you usually do so you have time to get it all done!

To stick to this kind of eating plan requires constant and consistent effort, more than a little sacrifice and determination. Nothing truly worthwhile in life ever comes without these virtues being in place. If you try a solid and proven weight loss plan and fail, make another effort, and still another until you succeed. However, if and when you do fail, be accountable. I say to every new client I meet who tells me of their physical goals and desire for a better more shapely body that I can help them do it but only they can do it! The realisation of a desire to have a better body depends largely on your capacity to concentrate on that desire until it becomes a dedication. This alone will give you the ability to seek out any and all of the resources you need to reach your goal. The dedication and resolve must come before the method-whichever method you choose.

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