06/06/2013 11:01 BST | Updated 06/08/2013 06:12 BST

Nutrition Neurosis or Why We're Losing the War With Food

Should soya be our first choice for milk or full fat goat's? Is it best to juice-up raw green foods or devour protein at every meal?

Or do we all simply think too much about our food?

Alkalising diets, muscle building menus and detoxifying eating regimes are all things I get asked about on a daily basis nowadays. Everyone seems so confused or at least uncertain as to where the right path to healthy eating really lies. If you workout the need for good nutrition is more than twice as important. Protein is a must for building firm toned bodies-the workout merely stimulates muscular fibre breakdown but in order for the muscles to rebuild and firm up protein is essential. Which kind of proteins though? Try to consume as many different types of proteins as you can each day because each one has a different Amino Acid (protein building blocks) spectrum and variety of protein is the key to not miss out on any of them. For a killer mega-nutritious sandwich for example try chicken, smoked salmon and onions with scrambled egg on whole wheat-simply delicious and packed with a very broad spectrum of proteins and healthy lipids (fats) wrapped in wheat germ. Like most people to some degree or other I have milk intolerance-I don't particularly like milk and I won't put up with it! No, seriously, milk is for babies and once past weaning we all need less each day but we still need plenty of calcium which we can get from plenty of other sources such as mackerel, leafy green vegetables or cottage cheese. Or you could just take a high quality supplement.

Beware the fruit sugars! Many people eat too much fruit and think it to be a universal panacea of healthy eating-not so-too much fructose is too much of a good thing-particularly citric fruits! Be careful also when buying fruit juices as many of them are just concentrates and are packed with sugar. Eating a banana or apple after lunch as a form of dessert instead of with the meal means it will just sit on top of your lunch fermenting. Dried fruit like raisins are fine but only consume one small handful-treat grapes in the same way.

For those who read our first issue you already know how important water is-especially in this climate-and no, you can't drink too much water.


We have probably all heard of these top ten foods to keep you lean and well nourished so try to eat some of them every day.

Salmon: Rich in protein and Omega 3 oils. These are great for the immune system and for mobilizing fat!

Oatmeal: Porridge removes toxins from the digestive tract and assists in removing fat by clinging to the particles and pushing them through the intestines unabsorbed.

Eggs: See last issue for how great eggs are; high quality protein and low calorie too!

Soups: Great for a light meal of meat and vegetables but watch out for the "cream-of" versions because they can be high calorie.

Bananas: Great source of potassium and thus helps regulate water balance.

Carrots: Great source of fibre and beta-carotene, a anti-oxidant which helps destroy free radicals (toxins that make us age faster)

Salad: Not boring if you use your imagination. (Toss in a little olive oil with garlic) They are best eaten with a meal as it takes up room in the stomach and prevents overeating. Salads are also an excellent form of roughage for proper digestion.

Broccoli: Delicious cooked with olive oil and ultra rich in positive nutrients!

Chicken: THE Number one choice for protein (its 90%) and it's the staple of every successful slimmer's plan to lose weight but stay strong!

Protein shakes: Okay, not a real food but excellent for filling the gap between meals. They also taste much better these days and come in a wider range of flavours.


Breakfast Cereals!

Not all of them of course but watch out for those sugar packed breakfast cereals. Usually aimed at kids some of them contain more calories in a bowl than a jam doughnut or a flapjack! Choose whole rolled oats for pure nutritional excellence.

Lunch meats! Chicken roll is not the same as chicken breast-cut from a real bird! Lunch meats are high in salt, packed with fillers and carry 25% less protein than real meat.

None-dairy creamers.

The catering size small containers seem so convenient but contain hydrogenated oils and trans-fats that will give you double the coronary problems of regular creamers! Some even contain trace elements which contribute to cancer.

Margarine. The longest living peoples in the world all eat pure butter and olive oil. Margarines are full of trans-fats and free radicals-even more so when you heat them up when using them in cooking!

Flavoured Rice Cakes. 20 years ago every fitness conscious person I knew ate these. They didn't get slim and they didn't receive good nutrition-they are too processed and refined. Incredibly some also have a higher glycemic index rating than sugar itself?!

Muesli bars. Again, featured in our first issue these are a definite no-no! All the flavour comes from sugar-it's just usually called a different name on the label.

Yoghurts and mousses. Don't automatically assume that because they contain fruit (or fruit-like substance) or that they are in the dairy section that they are healthy or slimming. Many have as much added sugar as a chocolate bar. Low fat does not necessarily mean low calorie!

Alcohol. A chemical cousin of sugar, alcohol is off the list too. Red wine is often sold as a good way to positive health for the heart but can you really just drink one glass once you've opened the bottle? Beer on the other hand is like pornography in that it has no redeeming qualities whatsoever! It doesn't replenish energy stores; it screws up your digestion and gives you a belly. As for those fruit flavoured vodka and gin drinks, well...don't even go there!