22/01/2013 10:07 GMT | Updated 23/03/2013 05:12 GMT

The Moment of Truth...

We are currently just hours away from the biggest night of four people's careers - the night when either The Blossom Twins, Marty Scurll or I will win a contract to live out our dreams as a professional wrestler in the United States.

As regular readers of this blog will know, the four of us have been competing in the reality TV show TNA Wrestling: British Boot Camp. TNA President Dixie Carter and my hero Hulk Hogan pick the winner in an hour-long finale this Tuesday night from 10pm. And trust me, it's a BIG ONE folks!

Have you ever watched the X Factor and seen the finals and think in the back of your head you wouldn't ever want to be in the position of any of those contestants? All their dreams are in the hands of the judges who will make or break the rest of their lives with their decision? The hard work they have all gone through all boiling down to that one night?

I'm going to be honest, I never did. Only NOW do I understand.

Since September our every move has been assessed and watched by our potential employer and the man that I have idolised my whole life. I can't explain to you how being assessed by such people can be so nerve-wracking and add so much pressure to your normal day to day life. I'm not just talking about your every move when you're in their company; I'm talking social media, interactions with the public, the whole works. We were being watched at all times!

Now, imagine being told by the person you most idolised growing up that you're "not what they're looking for."

Feel the pressure?

All four of us have now been announced for the TNA Road To Lockdown Tour in Glasgow, Nottingham, Manchester and Wembley Arena, which starts the day after the final airing of British Boot Camp.

Thousands and thousands of wrestling fans will attend the biggest arenas of the United Kingdom to see the stars of TNA... and we'll be performing in front of all of them.

Feel the pressure?

Before I finish my latest musings, let me ask you to hunt down a song by 1980s band Survivor - it's called Moment of Truth from one of my favourite films of all-time The Karate Kid. Listen to the lyrics as they really hit home as to the emotions of what we have gone through, not just through boot camp but in our wrestling careers.

I'm an 1980s child at heart, and I always believed in films like Karate Kid where this young lad was beaten down and battered and bruised only to be taught how to fight back and be respected. Or films like Teen Wolf where the boy who wanted to be different from everyone else realised that just being himself was enough to win the big game.

This week it really is the 'moment of truth' for all of us and I beg you to come join us...

"It's the moment of truth, It's all on the line, This is the place, This is the time, Waited forever, it's now or it's never, Nothing can stop you now..." - Survivor (Karate Kid Motion Picture Soundtrack)