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My book, "A Mindfulness Guide for the Frazzled," comes out in paperback today. This is like having another baby; the hardback (a year old today) thrived so I hope this soft back follows in its brother's footsteps and gets to number one in the best seller list (I am the pushy mother of literature).


The seeds of the book were planted in me about five years ago when I realized I was well and truly fried so took it upon myself to learn how to de-frazzle. Frazzle isn't like being stressed, we need stress otherwise no oomph and no oomph - no civilization. So, after much research, I found out the best method to manage stress, anxiety, depression and general well-being was mindfulness and the cognitive therapy or MBCT. The word mindfulness gives me the same vibes as dream-catchers and lentils but Oxford offered a Masters program in MBCT and they weren't doing a course in witchcraft so I thought there must be something to it. Three years ago, I got my Masters, wrote my dissertation, spun it with comedy and boom, I got a book and show out of it. That's killing multiple birds with one stone.

In the book I present my own version of a mindfulness course done in six weeks with the blessing of Mark Williams, my Professor at Oxford and co-creator of MBCT. (I don't want you to think I came up with it over a drunken weekend). With my course, you don't have to perch on a gluten free cushion, you can do the exercises anywhere, anytime, any place; in the gym while pumping the pecs or while eating a chocolate chip cookie or both at the same time. Even if you don't like the 'M' word, it gives you the skill to focus your attention where you want it focused and in a world filled with constant distractions, that's a gift. Attention is our most precious commodity and yet it's the very thing we give away in a world we've created that robs it from us. It doesn't mean you 'veg out', it means that, when you need your full energy to hit a deadline or nail an exam, you'll be able to go directly to turbo because you've conserved your energy, now you can you'll beat the competition as they burn out around you. We know how to reboot our computers when they overload, now we need to learn how to reboot our minds when they near their tipping point.

I give examples of how to use the 'M' word with your kids, teens that treat you like ebola and how to use it in a business setting. This is the only way I know to be able to navigate the noise and as a bonus be able to visit the present; a very rare destination. If you think being present sounds fluffy ask yourself how much money you spend trying to get there? And if you can sit back and enjoy the ride rather than get to the finish line the fastest, that is my definition of happiness; the rarest commodity of them all.

If you'd like to learn more about Ruby's six week mindfulness course, you can buy A Mindfulness Guide for the Frazzled online and from all good bookshops.

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