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People are really beginning to bang the drum for mental health and wellbeing, challenging the stigma that surrounds it. Of
It's mental health day (again). It seems to be every week now, which is a good way to remind people that the rest of the
I haven't been doing any blogs for many, many moons (I hope you noticed) because I've been busily ensconced in writing my
To me, the only way we're going to stay sane is to upgrade our minds as much as we've upgraded technology, which is doing just fine without us. We're now spending our lives trying to keep up with it. We built technology to have spare time. Now we ask what free time is? There is no meaning in the word 'spare'. There will never be a computer to tell you how to have a better life. It can only tell you how to have a faster one.
It was Mental Health Awareness Week again last week. It is a mystery to me as to why it's not Mental Health Week every day of the year? And what do they mean by mental health anyway? How can you be mentally healthy in a world that's nuts? If you feel like you're a normal person, the chances are that you're not mentally healthy, you're delusional.
We need language to be able to label feelings; to make sense of them. Without words, we'd be like an emotional washing machine on ultra-high with no 'off' switch. If you try to repress them, they will eventually erupt like Vesuvius when you least expect. Suddenly out of nowhere, one Christmas morning, you'll try to beat your mother-in-law over the head with a plunger and you'll never know why.
They open their mouths to laugh and then they'll open their hearts. This isn't a small circle of people suffering from mental illness doing group therapy, this is a theatre, sometimes up to a thousand seats. So after the interval I just sit on stage and, God bless them, their hands go up apprehensively at first, then after a while with more urgency, to talk about their lives.
Marks and Spencer has joined forces with Ruby Wax to launch a new type of café designed to help customers improve their mental
The idea is that "it's OK to not be OK," These meetings are not for people suffering mental illness at the time of the meeting - it's important that you know that we don't offer therapy. You may have suffered in the past or know someone who is suffering so we'll advise you where to go to get help.