09/05/2016 16:57 BST | Updated 10/05/2017 06:12 BST

My Frazzled Cafes

In about two weeks I'm going to do a pilot of my walk-in sessions, which I'm calling Frazzled Cafés. They will be a place where likeminded people can meet and help each other by sharing ideas and possible solutions. It's a safe place where you don't have to answer "Fine" when asked "How are you?" (God forbid you ever say "bad" - you'll be crossed off the social calendar and deleted from contacts.) At the centres you can exchange ideas on how to deal with overwhelming stress and a feeling of helplessness in a world where if you're not busy, you're nothing.

I don't want this to be a space where everyone moans about their predicament. I want it to be a place to network and maybe even find a friend who shares your situation - someone you could call when the going gets tough. Even if the meeting is only an hour, hopefully you'll be able to go back to the rat race feeling more empowered. Many of us feel overwhelmed with thoughts of not being able to keep up or feeling not good enough. We suffer from a mind that is so wild with worry and rumination it keeps you up at night.

I started off creating a website where people could chat anonymously called Black Dog Tribe. Now I think it's time to meet with another human who knows how you're feeling because he or she has been there. There is no replacement for connecting with people like you and feeling that they care.

This is how we're describing the walk-in sessions:

The Frazzled Cafes are anonymous. They are not therapy sessions. Please note that if you are suffering from serious mental illness it may not be appropriate to attend as we are not able to offer therapy nor do we have a mental health professional on site. This is simply a space to network and meet others who may be feeling frazzled, stressed and are unable to talk about it at work, home or school.

Also, if you are supporting someone - whether a friend, colleague or family member - with problems, you are welcome to join to find ways to deal with the situation.

If you' d like to get your name on the list for future Frazzled Café meetings just sign up to the Information List here. (This is different to my email community)

This has always been my dream because I wish I had had a place like this when I felt anxious and alone in the past, it would have helped me get through the hard times. Just to know that there was someone was available whom I could speak to honestly and who wouldn't get bored or feel that I should 'pull myself together' would have been such a relief.

I always say that one of the best cures is finding your own people; your own tribe. There is power in numbers and by meeting face-to-face you get a sense that you feel understood and makes you feel less alone.

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