28/10/2012 06:06 GMT | Updated 27/12/2012 05:12 GMT

Perhaps There's a Reason the BNP Aren't in Number Ten?

Nick Griffin, BNP leader, has made claims to be in "support" of gay people, this comes after making a series of outspoken comments to a student newspaper about same-sex parenting.

Mr Griffin described civil partnerships as something that "undermines the institution of marriage", he also made an astonishing claim that as a result of this "children will die over the next few years".

The astronomical claims that he made were while he defended his decision to tweet the address of a Cambridgeshire gay couple, who last week, rightly, won a discrimination case against the Christian owner of a bed and breakfast, who refused them admission, as they had requested a double room.

Now I'm an individual that is totally in favour of free speech, it's something that in my industry of work, in the media, that sometimes you can't have, and have to bite your tongue to make sure you're not being biased, but there's a big different between speech that allows you to share your opinion, and running a business. The fact that in the 21st century, clear discrimination is still taking place in society is nothing more than saddening.

Leeds based student journalist, James Greenhaigh , posed the question 'I'm gay. What's wrong with people like me.' He continued to say that for years gay people have 'complained' that society hasn't understood how they feel. He continued to say that many people see him as some kind of monster but that those who are homosexual need to understand that some heterosexual people simply find the thought of two men kissing 'creepy'.

Last week, Huffington Post writer and gay rights campaigner, known worldwide, Peter Tatchell blasted Mr Griffin in his blog, you can read Peter's comments via his online blogger profile.

These shocking claims, in my opinion, simply draw an even further comment onto why the fact we have a Conservative run country. There are many that would argue that as a group, the Conservatives have failed to support all of the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgendered community, but when you compare the comments from the leader of the British National Party, I think many would agree perhaps there's a reason they are not in power?