02/05/2014 07:18 BST | Updated 01/07/2014 06:59 BST

Viva la Padding!

I recently read an article online that asked if wearing a padded bra was lying. My initial reaction was, 'Are you kidding me?' Who has the right to say if a woman's choice of bra is creating a lie? And who are we lying to? Oh, of course - men. I went on to discover numerous accounts of men who felt 'disappointed' by women they had been attracted due to their mesmerizing heaving bosoms, only to discover at the intimate point of reveal that they were in fact, artificially heaving.

Would this mean that make-up is a lie, 'You don't look like that naturally - liar!' or wearing high-heels, 'You're only 5'4?! Liar!' A waisted belt, curled hair, Spanx - the list of 'lies' is endless. I wonder how many of us ladies peruse a man's 'area' to decide whether we are attracted to him or not? Probably not too many. I for one have always worn moulded or padded bras, and I can't say this has been for any other reason than for myself. I love the firm feeling of encasement matched with a strong silhouette of womanly curves; I find it empowering to lift and boost at will by design, why not? If I start to think about how my date may view my bra choice, I would be terribly confused. Who knows what he's thinking!? As an avid padded-devotee I have never myself experienced a man's 'disappointment' at my grand mammary reveal, because in reality - we are all a little bit different naked aren't we?

Surely we are allowed different versions of our physical selves; the feeling of letting it all hanging out verses the powerful use of lingerie architecture are essential to the ying and yang of us. Variety is the spice of life after all. Feeling good naked is a highly personal feeling, being at one with Mother Nature's gifts just is empowering, if not more, as scooping yourself up in lingerie, clothes and make-up that make you feel confident and attractive to the rest of the world.

What goes on underneath our clothes is for us to know and feel good about, or at least secure about. I think a little role-play with whatever tools we have is a must, and it just so happens than lingerie can be the perfect partner to enhance our femininity at will.

Just as vulnerability can lead to self-discovery, body-confidence can takes us further than we dare to imagine, feeling proud and strong of who you are is an essential part of our journey, and if I want a little extra help from my padded bra, then yes, I shall wear it with pride.