09/05/2013 13:55 BST | Updated 09/07/2013 06:12 BST

Myth-Busting: Diet Vs Exercise

At Smash The Fat, our mission is to help as many people as possible to maintain a healthy lifestyle. So we decided to do some research to see if we could bust some myths regarding health, fitness, exercising, and eating well.

So what did we learn? Well, having looked into the research data we found that more people believe that exercising is the best way to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Of those surveyed, 46% of people chose to pursue a healthier lifestyle by exercising more, as opposed a 36% of people would rather eat healthier.

This is easy to understand why, as exercising feels like you are being more proactive about your health because you are sweating. But the simple truth is that 75% of your health comes from what you eat. Of course we don't want to discourage you from exercising regularly, but everyone looking to get healthy should follow a low glycemic index (GI) diet.

For those of you who don't know, the glycemic index is a measure from 0 to 100 of how quickly blood sugar levels rise after eating food, with the higher your blood sugar levels after you eat the more damage is done to your body. For instance, white bread, cereal, and sugar are all high GI foods (70-100), while meat, nuts, and vegetables have a low GI index (55-0). These low GI foods are the ones that we'd recommend basing your diet around.

Another correlation that we noticed was that 67% of people believe that they have become more health conscious as they got older. This shows that being healthy is a choice of wisdom, as the older we get the wiser we become. However it is documented fact that the sooner in life one adopts a healthy style, the healthier we remain into our later years.

For those who may be concerned about their health later in life, we cannot stress enough that it is never too late to join the healthy bandwagon. There are multiple advantages including improved stamina, feeling more comfortable with the way you look and improved longevity of life. It may even improve your premiums with life insurance providers such as LV=.

But at Smash the Fat, we would urge everyone to make this wise choice now and start living an active, healthy, and fulfilling lifestyle. Sure going to the gym and eating your five a day is great for you, but we believe that being healthy is predominantly about having both a high quality and quantity of life. This means that you shouldn't be sacrificing enjoyable times with your family and friends to lose weight.

As we've said many times before, a healthy lifestyle is all about balance. So it still seems funny that 46% of people still think that getting your 5 fruit and vegetables a day is the best way to enjoy a healthy diet. Of course this is absolutely vital, but reducing your carbohydrates and sugar intake are equally as important.

With all this in mind then, we would like to say that losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle should not be seen as a chore. At Smash the Fat, we love being active, and we would like you all to share our passion! www.YouTube.com/SmashTheFat