12/02/2015 07:31 GMT | Updated 13/04/2015 06:59 BST

5 Reasons You Shouldn't Feel Guilty For Having A Cleaner


photo credit: oh fuck via photopin(license)

There is nothing wrong with employing a cleaner (as long as you pay them properly and they are not cleaning against their will). As modern people we very often feel like we should be doing everything; managing our homes, having amazing relationships and working in high powered jobs all whilst looking immaculate. However, the truth of the matter is very different. Life is stressful. Isn't it?! For a moment lets put down our caramel laté, kick off our stilettos, ignore those twitter notifications and except that doing "it all" is impossible. We don't have to be wondermen and women we just need to get by and have a nice time doing it.

I have a cleaner and I feel guilty. There I have said it. I have written this article to convince myself that I am not wasting money and being lazy and that maybe I am not the only one that feels this way. Here are five reasons we should not feel guilty asking someone else to clean our houses.

1. Everyone Does It

You think bachelor pads clean themselves and Maurine who owns her own business and has 4 kids scrubs those marble work surfaces morning and night? No, or at least I hope not! Ok so not absolutely everyone has a cleaner but you'd be surprised how many people in your office will! Nowadays having a cleaner is not reserved for the rich and famous it's just for anyone that would rather a clean house than a trip to the cinema every week (financially that is - employing a cleaner does not stop you from cinema visits).

2. Cleaning Properly Is Difficult

Which product is best for the windows and which for the bathroom sink? To bleach or not to bleach? Are you dusting or just moving dust around? Doing things properly takes time and knowledge and surely this is best left to someone who can dedicate their time to the finer details and be paid to do so. Today my cleaner gave me a lecture on bleach and how dangerous it can be and I was shocked. She really knows her stuff.

3. You Work Hard

I'm sure you work hard in your own career to earn money, progress and maybe even just because you like your job. Having goals and working hard is marvellous but it means you need time off so that your hard working brain and body can have a rest and be even more hardworking the next day. Spending your down-time cleaning the whole house as well as the four million other things you need to do is not resting.

4. You Are Giving Someone A Job

It's pretty hard to get a job these days and a lot of people struggle to make ends meet. By hiring a cleaner you are giving someone a job and not only that it's a flexible job. It can work for those who are retired or people who can't do a 9 to 5 because of childcare and other issues. When you put it like that doesn't it sound like a nice thing?

5. Because We Need To Stop Feeling Guilty

Is it just me or do we feel guilty about everything these days? Hiring a cleaner, not spending enough time with your family, buying an expensive bag, taking a day off (even when you are ill), not calling Annie back because you just can't bare another "it's so difficult moving house" rant. We need to stop feeling guilty and live for the now and try and be happy in the now. Yes if you have credit card debt up to you ears you shouldn't buy an expensive bag but if you can afford it and you want it why not treat yourself!

So there you have it. I am now guilt-free. All I will say is try to book the cleaner at a time when you are out as the awkward conversations based around cleaning products are the worst! I can honestly say, without feeling guilty that the bleach lecture was not the high point of my day.