Home Improvement

Here's how to make noticeable changes that won’t put your deposit in jeopardy.
After spending so much time in your home in 2020, you might be in need of a refresh. Here’s some ways to improve your space without upsetting your bank account.
How to keep your wits about you.
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New year, new ways to save money -- and the planet.
Advice for every homeowner looking to tackle an expensive renovation project.
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From kerb appeal to neutral hues, these are the quick fixes to make your home look more appealing in just a day.
When it comes to home improvements, not every job needs a professional. Check out these home improvement ideas you can DIY in a day.
From a leaky ceiling to wallpapering woes. Our DIY expert Lucy Searle solves your DIY dilemmas...
Easy DIY hints and tips that you can do in one day.