12/11/2012 07:21 GMT | Updated 11/01/2013 05:12 GMT

To Market, to Market to Buy a Fat Leek

Amie Valpone

I adore food markets that go on and on and truly appreciate the displays of the fruit and vegetables in all their colours and glory. I mean, come on people, what's not to Love - aubergine and pumpkin just work, don't they? I studied art and I'm sure those creative folk are taught the colour wheel at Display College.

The harmony of contrast of the deep purple shiny aubergine against the textured deep orange pumpkin roasting in an oven with a whole head of garlic drizzled with olive oil, ground black pepper and sea salt. Crispy edges and gooey squishy centres - and serve on a bed of sautéed spinach with a generous sprinkle of toasted pine nuts and big dollop of gremolata. Seriously divine.

Gremolata is an Italian condiment that is delicious with all meat, fish and vegetables. I make a batch and keep a jar in the fridge. It will last a couple of weeks and is soooo simple to make.

I have a little hand blender with a bowl attachment and pop in some flat leaf parsley, garlic and lemon zest and whizz it all up to a chunky paste. And that's it - how much more simple could it be.

It's also a delight with some crudités for a party snack.

Add some green chili if you're feeling daring - it's not the traditional Italian version but I love it.

The delight of all the greens - delicate divine harmony of the cavolo nero, spinach, leek and celery - both in colour and in taste. Spinach is a great support food when you need to reconnect to your body.

That reminds me of the most green soup ever; Gloriously Green.

In a large pot sauté a leek in coconut oil or olive oil, depending on your mood.

Add a tablespoon of green curry paste and gently fry to bring out the spices.

Add a cup or two of homemade stock (or a gluten and yeast free, low salt option) and allow them all to create a wonderful relationship.

Add five cups of chopped greens - cavolo nero, spinach and celery.

Simmer oh so gently till the celery is tender and breaks easily under the wooden spoon you have been anti-clockwise stirring the divine greenness - trust me, anti-clockwise makes all the difference and feels so much more divine in the tummy!

If you desire, leave it chunky - but I am a big fan of blending till silky smooth and serving with a swirl of coconut milk and a sprinkle of toasted flaked almonds. Green heaven on a spoon.

When I feel like something more substantial - I add large chunks of firm white fish, like cod or basa, right at the end - turn the heat off and allow the fish to steam through in the soup. Or some cooked prawns and a dollop of my world famous pesto ... I know, a little brash, but it is a favourite with friends in the US, Australia, Europe and the UK, so it can be officially "world-famous" ...

And here it is - roast some pine nuts, almonds and a whole head of garlic in an ovenproof dish and cover the nuts in olive oil. Roast gently (at 180oC for about 15 mins) till the pine nuts are just starting to colour. Remove and cool. Put nuts and cooked garlic in a blender with spinach and basil and blitz till smooth, adding ground black pepper, sea salt and more olive oil if needed. Keep tasting to get the seasoning to your taste. I like loads of black pepper to give it a zing. Or swap the basil for rocket if you're in the mood for a super peppery kapow. Store in the fridge with more oil on top so the green delight is not exposed to the air - it keeps much longer this way.

Living with ease and simplicity while honouring your body is a choice. Choose to love your body and it will love you back. And it doesn't get any yummier than that!

Now I'm hungry - off to the market to buy a fat leek!