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Channel Your Inner Hepburn!

How many of us go around living through someone else, or through our conditioned responses, thinking that things have to be a certain way or worrying about what others think? And stop ourselves from doing so much in fear of how things might turn out?

Be who you want to be, not who the World wants you to be! Make your own rules as you go along!

How many of us go around living through someone else, or through our conditioned responses, thinking that things have to be a certain way or worrying about what others think? And stop ourselves from doing so much in fear of how things might turn out? I know this has been my story in the past! And belongs to most of us until we begin to see the World of illusion that we alone are creating and say enough already! And finally take a stand for ourselves, valuing ourselves and say YES to what feels authentic to us!

I've been sitting in the Natural Kitchen on Marylebone High Street, musing over this after just having a conversation with a lady, earlier today, listening to how she felt stuck in an unhappy relationship, the thought of leaving sent chills down her spine, panicking over what her friends and family would think and how this would rock her partner's world. On top of all this she was feared she wouldn't make it on her own, worrying she would be left on the fence, single and grow old with cats around her.

Honestly, I could relate to her every word. This was myself, a few years ago! In fact I had been in a relationship with someone for many years that had passed its sell by date a good couple of years before I finally packed my bags and left. I was petrified about what others, namely my friends and family would think, that I kept myself stuck in a world that no longer belonged to me. It was no longer serving a purpose, my highest good or his for that matter. And I too, worried about if I could make it in the world on my own, even with the savvy business nature suddenly after so many years coupled it wasn't something I wanted to entertain. I wasn't valuing myself. Single, me, never! ... Alas there is a real beauty in being single it really gives you the chance to get to know who you are. To have a deeper relationship with yourself and after all that is the most important one you will ever have. When you come to know who she really opens up!

We have come here for one reason only and that is to GET OUR LIGHT ON! Stand fully in our power, to be guided by our own light and intuition, be adventurous, be curious, be bold. The Universe wants us to have all our desires met. As soon as we commit to making a decision to side step the ego mind with its ALL its limitations, moving out of situations that are clearly not in our best interests leaving us in a position to receive.

Ask yourself is there an area of your life in discord? Is it time to channel some inspiration? If so ...

Channel you inner Hepburn

Tune into the Woman you are here to be. Bring inspiration forward from the classic screen siren Audrey Hepburn, or Beyonce whoever floats your boat to release your inner femme'. We all have an inner Audrey to be channeled, to come into full alignment with our truest nature and follow our bliss. Charismatic, bold, radiant, daring, charming, alluring, confident and wise. She will help you step into your role as a leading lady and find true happiness.

In Audrey Hepburn's words ...

"The most important thing is to enjoy your life and be happy, that's all that matters"

So come a little closer to would she be showing up in life? Behaving, walking, talking, feeling, relating to others? Make a stand for her and shape shift into her essence.

1.Sit for a few moments and breathe source energy into every cell of your body. Lifting you straight into your higher self. Feel this coming through your base chakra, from mother earth up through your body to the root chakra at the top of your head and out. You will feel incredibly lifted after a few breaths as you make this connection with your spirit and the love energy that is present. You are in the best place for visualising and making a connection energetically with the life you want while centred in this consciousness.

2.Visualise yourself in her pretty shoes, what would you be wearing, where would you go, who would you be hanging out with. And how would you be spending your days, your money? What would you be doing in your spare time? In the world of your dreams, acting as if in full alignment with her. Visualise and feel what the picture looks like.

3.Remember the mind cannot distinguish between what is imagined and what are real, so the more you hold this vision the more you change the neuropath ways. Which help you morph into the presence of this new persona, this new way of being. And of course the more you imagine this for yourself the closer your world becomes like it too.

4. When you feel you are acting, speaking or behaving out of alignment with her course correct! We are after all like ships in the night forever having to course correct to keep our compass pointing true north...where home is. So, we are all works in progress.

The more you say YES to bringing yourself into alignment and following what has meaning and purpose to you the more the Universe responds.

"Put on foot forward and the Universe provides the other" ~ Sarah Dyer

The key is to stay connected to your heart centre. Your intuition. If you can stay aligned with your inner spirit, you will never go wrong. Its only when we our focus comes off this that we start to rear off in the wrong direction straight into ego city. If it feels good, it most likely is. Your spirit will prod, push and pull you in all directions to follow your souls path and reach for your highest potentials and possibilities in life. And it will often have you facing your greatest fears. And more often that not there will be more lessons and challenges to overcome as you let go of the old identity and discover a new one.

"The only thing more frightening than leaving the old behind is to stay in a life that doesn't belong to you, where you are numb, stuck in a life that has no meaning or purpose and you're disconnected from who you really are."

Be honest, ask yourself that question this week, is there anything in your life you are settling for? Are you truly following what has purpose and meaning to you and makes you come completely alive? If not, you have some decisions to make if you want the best life (and I know you do, you wouldn't have reached this far down the blog if not) then make a stand for yourself. Say 'YES' to your spirit, be kind to her, be compassionate and let her out of the box, to live a life which is full of freedom, passion, purpose, expansion, creativity and most of all LOVE! It is there for us all but only when we make a full commitment to ourselves and stop making excuses for not taking action in the direction of our desires (love, work, relationships) etc. And anything that stops us is an excuse, ANYTHING! There is nothing in this world you cannot be, do or have! Everything out there is only a hologram of what you have going on inside your mind. That's right everything you experience is only a result of what you have going on, on your internal movie screen. Use your thoughts, your will and visualise the life you want and make it happen. And stay clear of the negative BS that surfaces.

As Author, Elizabeth Gilbert said and did in EAT PRAY LOVE - 'buy a ticket!' In fact she bought 3! With Italy, India and Bali written over them. Knowing that it was something she just had to do, penniless, after being left broke from a messy divorce she borrowed the money took that trip, listened and acted on her intuition, not only did she wind up with a bestselling book! She lands a 7-figure movie deal. So, metaphorically speaking what you waiting for BUY THAT TICKET! This is when the Miracles happen - is it not? Don't wait for someone else, or something else to give you permission only to be asking yourself in a years time 'What if?'

So if you are ready to buy that ticket, pop your details below and join me for a FREE discovery session at and join us at our new Facebook page The Art of Living Magically turning up the volume on your Intuition on the road to purpose, passion and freedom!