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Seven Steps to Awaken Intuition

Do you wish you could trust your intuition? Do you wish you understood more about how your intuition works? And would you like to know how to distinguish between this and the monkey mind!

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Do you trust your intuition? Have your been desiring a deeper connection with yourself? Do you want to make better decisions? Intuition is there to lead the way to a life of riches on all levels - are you plugged in?

After spending 20 years studying, training and working in some way in the intuitive arts, in the world of Media and now with own business, I've become pretty seasoned in distinguishing between this and the monkey mind. And found it's served me considerably in life and business.

I've become better at making decisions from my higher self rather than lower self - the ego and monkey mind that is always there to dampen our parade and have us second guessing ourselves, not believing in ourselves causing us to doubt, to fear and leaving us confused by a whirlwind of limiting beliefs, patterns that do not serve us.

Understanding our connection with our own Intuition is key for success and learning how to trust it knows better than we do.

Do you wish you could trust your intuition? Do you wish you understood more about how your intuition works? And would you like to know how to distinguish between this and the monkey mind!

Intuition is at work in my life now leading me back to Bali, this place is known for its spiritual essence and after feeling the call and tuning in to seeing visions of myself once again meeting the hill tribes, riding around on a motorcycle in Ubud, working with clients, doing yoga on the beach and immersing myself in the perfect mix of serenity, adventure, bliss and luxury. With great food, epic beaches and the beautiful loving Balinese, I know my spirit and senses are about to thrive.

I'm venturing into the unknown as I am yet to find out exactly where this is going to lead but I 'know' it's right, I feel it. Surrounding myself with conscious entrepreneurs who are creating and living life to the full in such a magical place feels high vibe and just where I want to be, from here I know this is where the miracles so to speak happen, that I've witnessed. I'm telling the Universe I'm ready - lets do this, I'm ready to create more, to step into more of who I am and to experience more freedom, joy and passion in my life. I'm listening and letting intuition take the wheel.

So, today I wanted to share some quick and easy tips to help you to tap into your own intuition, to begin trusting in what this is trying to communicate.

Let Intuition take the Wheel

The first stages in learning how to tap into Intuition is to remember 'innocence' is the bridge to intuition and everything in life opening up to us. It's the difference between us struggling and living in overwhelm or moving through life with grace. This is the secret to your super conscious awareness. Innocence is what we knew as children, untainted and unconditioned by the outside world.

Whenever you try to make a decision take yourself to a place of innocence. Shift to a place of love instead of fear be still and find your heart space. Put your hand on your heart if this


  • Breathe and sit quietly for a few moments to silence the mind from outside noise. What is your Q. e.g. Ask! Would Bali be the best place for me to visit or Australia? See what comes up! What feels most alive?
  • When making any decisions intuitively - first thought best thought!
  • Stay in a place of innocence do not edit anything that comes up, do not judge, stay out of the mind, just feel, and observe. Let what comes come. Intuition has nothing to do with the mind, its PURE innocence.
  • See if you can you imagine yourself in Bali or wherever else it is you are deciding upon? Can you visualise this? If you can, stay in this place of innocence and see what comes up.
  • You may receive a flash, a vision, an insight, a word, picture just let these images however they show up come. Intuition will often try taking you out of your comfort zone so just observe, don't dismiss anything.
  • Be curious, the more curious you are, the more will drop in, this energy expands, stay with the energy of what is coming up and watch this unravel. More pictures, feelings, sensations will build.When you are trying to tune into anything do not try to make sense of it, or think that it is good or bad. Intuition is our connection to our greater self this is not right or wrong it just is. Anything that comes after the first awareness is the mind trying to get in on the act.
  • You can ask for signs, a message or something that will confirm a yes or no answer. One of my clients asked to see a bear. (she likes bears)! She has been developing her own connection with here intuition and wanted validation it was her intuition she was connecting with. So she asked her higher self to show her a bear over the next day. This morning she logs onto her laptop opens up an online magazine and the first thing her attention is drawn to is a bear on a cup! There was her answer.

The Universe will do everything in its power to give you the guidance you ASK. I emphasis this as the conversation you have with the Universe needs to be pretty specific so not to confuse. As they say be careful what you wish for!

Have fun and enjoy!

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