The paper deals with one of Hawking’s favourite topics – how the universe came into being.
Why did the universe suddenly decide to expand really rapidly?
Hawking’s fascination was with cosmology, the science which deals with the origin, evolution and ultimate fate of the universe
Ours was the only known solar system with eight planets, until now.
Daily rituals are where the power resides in a step-by-step process to get you to where you want to be. After all, you can plan for the future, but you can only take charge of the present moment. So take positive steps today towards your desired outcome and know that you will have everything you need in each moment that follows.
My favourite aspect of our culture is our collective decision that 'universes' are most definitely 'a thing'. We have accepted
Manifestation is supposed to be effortless but we often get in the way of our own innate power to create. If we can train our minds to expect miracles then our experiences will radically change for the better. We just have to bust that resistance!
There’s no need to panic, but it seems the universe could actually have a ‘self-destruct button’ that could obliterate Earth