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The Hidden Magic in the Void

Ever wonder why one minute life is flowing. You're being who you want to be not who the World wants you to be, opportunities are showing up, the right people seem to cross your path. Life is good.

Ever wonder why one minute life is flowing. You're being who you want to be not who the World wants you to be, opportunities are showing up, the right people seem to cross your path. Life is good.

But suddenly something happens and life throws a curve ball, leaving you feeling like you're lost in the void. As a feeling of despondency looms, you cannot see where you are going. Your head feels wooly and you lose your sense of direction. Then the voices that lurk in the dark corridors of your mind begin renting more space, relentlessly offering up unwelcome advice.

So, why? You ask yourself. Things were going so well, you followed a few hunches and they paid off. You could actually feel yourself smiling from the inside no longer stuck in your stories as you've become a master of the monkey mind, (or at least so you thought) knowing precisely when it's trying to dampen your parade. But then the brownies hit the fan and you're hurled into the abyss.

Time to check in ... just like the Ocean, that flows in and out, so does life with its ebb and flow. Like many, I've been thrown a few sucker punches (that's what they've felt like at the time), in my life that have led to some pretty dark shadowy places inside myself. Just the other day I laughed to my Mum saying, "I must be an old soul Mum to have chosen some of these soul lessons." Mum is an old soul and my biggest Teacher. She's wise, highly intuitive, compassionate and the rock in my life. Always knows what to say, it may not be what I want to hear but she say's it anyway - within reason she knows her daughter is a fiery Aries. "Everything happens at the right time" she said, just let things 'be'. Wise words and a great reminder.

Many are experiencing change and fear right now as we are all being asked to step up and wake up to more of who we are. This means letting go of old beliefs, learned behaviours and ways of being that just don't serve our highest potentials anymore. When the void comes I've come to understand this is our invitation to dive deeper, peel back another layer, so it's a perfectly good place to 'be.' To ASK ourselves 'what is the lesson here?' 'What am I being shown?'

There is always a hidden 'Magic' in the void, and often we don't see what this is immediately and it acts as a gateway to waking up to even more of our true nature, and sometimes it doesn't it isn't initiated by some life altering event but sometimes it is, like in the case this lovely lady Emma.

Emma and I have had a few conversations over the last few months. Three months ago she pulled the Tower card - metaphorically speaking, in her life and lightening struck as she suddenly felt her foundations crumble beneath her.

Her firm suddenly broke the news her redundancy was inevitable. In the same week her partner delivers another unexpected blow, he wants out of their seven year relationship. Suddenly her life is thrown into complete chaos. When she told me this instantly I could sense, something else at work in her life.

After a couple of days of reorienting everything she knew she had a choice, she could fall into the grips of the ego, begin doubting herself, wallow in self hatred, for her broken relationship, become angry at her partner and angry at her boss for firing her and lastly angry at herself for not seeing any of it coming. Or she could let go and see where this was all taking her. What did she do?

She hit bottom, then retreated to her own inner sanctuary. She knew herself that there was more going on with this picture than what she could see at that moment. So she sat in the void, then she sat some more.

Listening to that wiser part of herself, she came the realisation the shoe no longer fit, her life no longer fit, she had outgrown her life, even though things seemed to be on going okay in her world, she wasn't fulfilled in either her job or her relationship and her inner Spirit wanted more. So with the help of her awakened Genius, life was about to take on a whole new meaning.

"Behind every wake up call is a light that will lead you through a doorway to higher living. Be kind to yourself, open it"

For a year she had been taking herself off to College part time in the evenings doing an interior design course as its something she loves. After her redundancy she took on a part time job and now with time on her hands, has decided to start her own business. Now, life has given her the perfect opportunity to step up and say 'YES' to her passion. And the icing on the cake came 3 weeks ago when she met someone new, a Lecturer at the College.

So, who knows what will unfold but our higher self is always co-creating on our behalf. So breathe and surrender into what is happening and allow the new to come in.

"There is always a hidden Magic in the Void!"

When the void comes, check in...

• Take some deep breaths

• Close your eyes and just focus for a few minutes on the breath allowing your mind to calm and become really present

• Drop into the heart centre, you will feel when you've made a connection with this part of yourself

• Then ask, 'what is my Higher Self trying to show me here?"

"What is the lesson in this?'

• Be patient and trust. Intuition will guide you, you will be given exactly what you need to know. It may not come straight away it may take a day or two to recognize the signs or messages or the people that show up on your path

'The Universe never shuts one door without opening a box of Chocolates'

It could be that things are about to take on a whole new perspective with something very different on the horizon. Like with Emma, something better, a new relationship with someone more suited to her. The opportunity to say YES to herself and follow her passions instead of continuing to settle in a 9 - 5 job that was not really fulfilling her. She said a big "YES' and life has rewarded her.