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Can Simon Cowell's Baby Keep Up With the Kardashians? Introducing the New Breed of Celebutots

It's been revealed the X-Factor mogul can expect a special delivery in around seven months after married socialite Lauren Silverman is said to be pregnant with his child. But will the multi-millionaire playboy be ready for diaper duty - at 53? He's no spring chicken, and the egg and spoon race at school could prove a challenge.

Forget the royal baby. That was so last week.

Sorry George, but now the tot with the most blinging cot on the block has to be Simon Cowell's child on the way.

It's been revealed the X-Factor mogul can expect a special delivery in around seven months after married socialite Lauren Silverman is said to be pregnant with his child.

But will the multi-millionaire playboy be ready for diaper duty - at 53? He's no spring chicken, and the egg and spoon race at school could prove a challenge.

He is rarely without a hottie on his arm, but no-one saw this shock pregnancy coming. Especially his ex Sinitta, who tweeted about a "half miracle, half nightmare." No matter how wealthy he is, fatherhood is going to bring Simon back down to earth with a bump.

Mr Nasty will turn into an emotional ball of love, you watch once he sees his little one take a first step, mumble 'dadadada', it'll be game over and waterworks central. This could wreak havoc on his street cred as Mr Nasty, as he leans over the X-Factor table to grab a Kleenex tissue after a contestant belts out a 'world class' tune.

For Simon this baby will be more of a blessing than a curse. He has had a string of relationships that have ended in splitsville. So he'll breathe a sigh of relief that the tot will be the one constant in his life. Partners come and go, but kids are forever.

Perhaps he should have taken heed of the wise words of Kanye West, "18 years, 18 years. She got one of yo' kids got you for 18 years."

After the small matter of child support is settled, no doubt this little tot will want for nothing. The baby can expect a lifestyle including jetting off for annual Caribbean holidays, and babysitters in the form of Aunty Sinitta and Sharon Osbourne. Si can call on pals Kim Kardashian for playdates with baby North West where they can show off blinging sets of baby grills as they muck about in their state of the art nurseries no doubt kitted out with gold pack n plays and rattles.

But beyond all the drama including the alleged affair that led to the baby being conceived and the gruelling child support and custody conversations to be had, is the real bond between a father and a child that matters.

Let's hope Si will see past all the fanfare (which wouldn't be out of place on an episode of Real Housewives) and relish his biggest challenge to date, fatherhood.


Virgin Media V Festival

It's just two weeks to go for the biggest festival of the summer.

The Virgin Media V Festival is not one to miss if you want to be booty shaking to headline act Beyonce at Hylands Park on Saturday, and the mighty Kings of Leon on Sunday.

A handful of lucky bloggers got to sample a taster of what the A-listers will enjoy backstage at the Virgin Media Louder Lounge.

As well as the Mac-tastic girls doing make-overs, Vita Liberata will be topping up tans, and Batiste will be primping locks and creating the latest summer styles as they did at the fab brand pampering event last week.

Wondering how to get Rita Ora's fierce colour popping nails? Illustrated Nails, who do Rihanna's talons too will also be at the fest.

All that pampering will be thirsty work, so thankfully Carling, the official beer of the fest, is setting up their Channel Carling tent for a spot of Hip Hop karaoke to get the party started. Steady on so you don't get beer goggles though, as there will be a secret celeb guest attending too to surprise fans in the beer tent.

But for those who are on a summer health-kick, check out Wheyhey Icecream who will also be in the VM Louder Lounge. Dashing Dolce and Gabbana model David Gandy as well as One Direction's Harry Styles can't get enough of the protein rich scoops.

Let's hope they'll be queueing up for more on August 17 and 18.

Now that's something to say Wheyhey for...

*It's not every year we get a summer this hot in Blighty, so I've certainly been making use of it with one amazing series of live shows.

Summer Series at Somerset House with American Express is a unique urban music festival in one of London's most spectacular live music settings.

I was in good company, with the likes of Hollywood star Russell Crowe pitching up to catch a show.

The Basement Jaxx totally killed it with their set of hit after hit including Red Alert which was streamed live to fans all over the world.

For more information visit


School's out for the summer - and don't Sainsbury's know it.

It's new Back To School clothes range is out - and they've unleashed this incredible video of kids busting out break-dance moves in their new gear to test out just how durable the garms are.

It's got the aww-factor, X-factor, you name it. I've got my hands on the video.

Check out the video below...

Britain's Got Talent, eat your heart out. Starring B Girl Terra, who has over five million hits on YouTube, the six year-old breakdancer from Wolverhampton was recently flown out to the US by TV presenter Ellen DeGeneres to appear on her show.

Watch this space Miley Cyrus...


So, I wasn't exactly a gamer, unless you count Super Mario back in the day. Oh and watching the hubby play endless rounds of Wayne Rooney and David Beckham's favourite game Call of Duty.

Until I got introduced to the Playstation Vita #lifesaver.

This little gem can keep kids entertained for hours, perfect for long car journeys, and keeping parents sane over the summer holidays.

The PS Vita is PlayStation's ultimate handheld gaming console, and fans should look out for the Mega Pack which has just launched and features 10 of the best family-friendly games alongside the gadget.

My faves were LittleBigPlanet, Wipeout 2048,and MotorStorm RC is great for the wannabe Lewis Hamilton in you.

It's like a one-stop shop as you can store music and photos, in case you foget your camera.

It should come with parental warning though: You need to get at least two, as there will be squabbling in the backseat for it, it's that nifty.

*The PlayStation Vita Mega Pack is available from Argos and Amazon at £169.


It's not just retro clothes but retro kids' games and characters making a comeback.

So who'd have thought that Postman Pat would give himself a makeover that would make queen of re-invention Madonna jealous?

He's even got his own website

Where's Wally has also released a bunch of goodies to celebrate his 25th anniversary. As long as you can find him, that is!

Check out the Where's Wally? Costume at, £13.49.

Then turn your little'uns into mini Jamie Olivers with the Postman Pat Cupcake Mix - just £1 from Ocado.

Dig in!