16/12/2014 00:50 GMT | Updated 14/02/2015 05:59 GMT

Why 50 Is Never Too Old to Flash the Flesh: Madonna's back!

THE bustiers keep getting tighter, the bras more conical, and the boobs more perkier as the decades roll on.

Madonna is back, and not so much like a virgin.

That's right, the woman who has defied all gravity has announced she is set for a world tour to mark 30 years since her debut Virgin tour.

But she's hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons thanks to the backlash about the mum-of-four getting her boobs out instead being matronly baking a tray of cookies at home.

Madonna rocks - what's wrong with flashing the flesh once you're over 50? When Kate Moss stripped for Playboy to mark her 40th birthday, no-one batted an eyelid, so why all the comeback on the not-so-matronly Madonna?

She's the undisputed 'grandmother of pop', and hats off to Madonna for ramping up her raunch factor so much so that she is making single girls half her age quake in their boots.

We're talking about you Lady Gaga. Madonna, who's a mother of four, still finds time to work out and look fabulous, so much so that she is brandishing her belly in a crop top in a sensational shoot for Versace, after Madge, aged 56, was picked to replace pop tartlet Gaga, 28, as the face of the brand. It comes just days after she 'artistically' flashed her boobs, which are surprisingly perky, as she announced her latest bid to reinvent herself.And it worked. Her plan to get noticed again got her back on the front pages and almost dwarfed Kim Kardashian's bid to break the internet with her notorious booty.While critics have hit out at Madonna for still stripping off at her age and for being a mum, others think it is empowering and a celebration of the female form no matter what age you are and certainly being a mother should not stop you from being sexy.I caught up with an expert in the field Miss Polly Rae, whose fab Soho Burlesque Club at London's The Hippodrome Theatre twice a week has inspired superstars including Kylie to explore their inner sexiness.She said: 'It's about celebrating the female form regardless of any insecurities you might have. I grew up a shy person, I was flat chested and the local boys would pick on me. But I was inspired by Madonna and burlesque gave me the outlet to express myself. Kylie has always been a massive supporter too.'

Speaking at the Heliot steakhouse she added: 'Madonna is fabulous. So what if she strips off? She's a lot older but it's about your own confidence and self esteem. Anyone who wants to criticise, screw them! It's just jealousy. It's just a bit of fun, and just because you're a mum of course you can still be sexy.'

And another thing . . . Madonna is the shizzle because she doesn't just show up for the opening of an envelope.

She turned down the mighty Simon Cowell to perform at The X Factor Final because she didn't have anything to promote right now. Some stars would get up and sing just for the heck of it, but her Madgesty wasn't ready to dust off the purple leotard just because the Syco boss said so.

Madonna loves to keep us waiting, and judging from her many reinventions over the years she will be worth the wait.

Let this be a lesson to us all it's ok to grow old a little disgracefully as long as you're having fun.

Roll on 2015 - The year of Her Madge!