28/03/2014 12:52 GMT | Updated 28/05/2014 06:59 BST

Why Mums Are Going Bust to Keep Our Tots Up With the Kardashians

Mums, let's face it.

We've been comparing our tots since they left the womb. We just can't help ourselves.

Whether it be what milestones they have reached, or what trainers they are rocking, we are always looking over our shoulder to see who has outdone us.

Our babies are in the rat race before they can crawl, and in some cases before they've even left the hospital as parents watch to see who has the nicest car seat or designer outfit.

Make it stop!

Where has this obsession with comparing kids come from?

Arguably with the rise of celebutots like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's blinging bundle of joy North West, it doesn't do much for the average mum's ego when Kim is thanking her designer pals on Twitter for their gifts, and the couple are gracing the cover of Vogue as the 'it' family many aspire to.

It comes as UK parents are having to spend more on day to day items for their children than ever before and are therefore struggling to keep up with the financial strain of raising their children.

And another thing...

My mummy friends and I have gone into meltdown this month with the arrival of the dreaded two year review for our babies.

Apparently they should be writing essays by now, doing headstands and have the art of fine dining down to a T. Well, something like that...

So all the mums are busy comparing tots and are in a panic over this set of criteria I'm not sure I can even tick off for myself yet!

So, I suggest we take a moment and chill. Reassured by the fact that every baby is different and develops at his own rate (so they tell us) and just enjoy our little nippers.

They'll be in school before we know it so while they are young enough not to be bogged down by a curriculum, let's try not to stress and have fun with them. It's Mother's Day coming up afterall, let's go wild!:)

Top Tips for fun while learning:

1)Dress up as the characters from your kids favourite books with them for story-time. Make it a big occasion, get creative, Blue Peter style.

2)Movie time - instead of forking out for the cinema, just stay indoors.Netflix has a fab family selection of movies based on World Book Day. Popular in our household are Thomas& Friends, Clifford's Puppy Days and Disney's Lady and The Tramp. Go for it.

3)Get the grand-parents and relatives involved in case you want some well deserved 'you' time. Let Gramps read out loud and give spirit to the characters. My dad does a mean Rastamouse!

4)I went to the launch of the new Miffy books with Birds of a Feather star Linda Robson, who was on top form looking forward to a second series of the ITV show, while she was also relishing her Grandma duties. Check out the new Miffy selection for fun family reading.

5)Make the most if this summer sun by fun outdoor play, and even signing up for Race For Life to raise money for Cancer Research.

Let's go!