19/06/2014 07:21 BST | Updated 18/08/2014 06:59 BST

Exposed: Five Well Preserved Spiritual Contradictions...

I haven't been here much of late, so you may not know that I like to add a spiritual and conscious shake, twist and stir to my writing. It is core to my life and message.

It is popular, fashionable and of course desirable to want to open up to saying you have a spiritually leaning. Broadsheets want to talk about it,TV programming is dedicated to spirituality, publishers say it is a growing market yet there is so much fluff and contradiction around. I thought it was time to expose the contradictions, maybe rock a few so called spiritual boats as unless we get out of the illusions that have shackled mankind, how will the New Era birth?

1. To be spiritual you must do spiritual stuff...simply not true everyone is spiritual because everyone has a soul and spirit. Just because someone doesn't practice the same as you, agree with you or think about life and the universe in the same way as you, doesn't mean they are less spiritual than you. If you think that you are making a judgment and it has been the judgment for many spiritual thought leaders let alone followers too.


2. It's OK to bash politicians and anyone in the I know human nature is directed by FREE WILL and we have boundaries enshrined in law. However, to bash someone in leadership, or in the spotlight in general because you don't like their views, what they sing, how they kick a ball etc is sending, in fact it is projecting energy their way. This means they are being attacked by you, they have to respond to that energetically and you are creating karma. If you see yourself as someone who wants to actively live consciously then it is not a case of pick and choose as you know about energy and what you project and the impact it has on people....surely? Think about this, particularly for politicians - they mirror mass consciousness of nations, continents and the world...if you can get this then think about your contribution to mass consciousness. Not anyone else's as you are responsible for you!

3. Money is not spiritual. This old chestnut still lingers like an unwanted guest. It may be less vocalised but I can assure it is alive and being nurtured as the doubt remains because the proof has not been shown. By proof I mean the money hasn't come despite what you thought you had to do to get wealth consciousness to work and you profess to be spiritual, never doing any wrong... a religious perspective of spirituality when we talk right and wrong. (Exception is of course when you bash those in the public life or equally as bad avoid the news so you are not truly part of this world as avoidance and burying your head in the sand is safer than being part of the change...!) I will say it again, everything (and everyone) is spiritual; born of energy AKA light and then what happens is down to intention, alignment and cooperation with soul and essence mixed in with huge doses of free will. The energy of money is part of the same divine and spiritual universe we live in and operates within the same boundaries. If it isn't coming to you as you desire then the responsibility and gift is within you to change it, labeling or judging it as not spiritual is the same as running away from a money fountain!

4. The planet doesn't need saving - nor does nature - it does need cooperating with which is a totally different energy and stops mankind assuming the we are screwing it up and we are the saviours of it. The planet will be out live mankind I am pretty sure of that! While we are on this topic of saving, not one person is here to save the world or mankind, the truth is there are many who can do and are called to do and unless we work in community and collaboration and celebrate difference things will not get done. This means individuality is valued not the other nonsense that is often shared that we are one. We are not, we may be part of that same source if you choose to believe this but we are not one. If you don't believe me just look at my picture below...does it look like you?

5. Going with the flow is the ultimate - well it is if the flow is that of your essence, however for most it is your emotional body and going with the flow is a great excuse to not commit, live life whimsically and even sometimes an excuse to be rude and harmful to others. All that is fine as it is your choice, however it isn't a raised vibration just an emotional choice, so don't get them confused. If you think of the great masters and archangels they committed to service, not their emotional flow...something to think about perhaps?

Over to you, what do you think? Do you agree or disagree with me? Has anything I have shared made you think? What else would you add to this?

Sarupa Shah, Your Soul Agent, shattering illusions and just teaching about fun!

photo credit: Jiuck via photopincc