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Why the Law of Attraction Sucks...

here is this magical perfect time that most people are waiting for, when the universe will say it is YOU. Your turn, I listened to your pleas, I struck a few deals, twisted a few arms for here you go!

There is this magical perfect time that most people are waiting for, when the universe will say it is YOU. Your turn, I listened to your pleas, I struck a few deals, twisted a few arms for here you go!

Oh the passivity of waiting for the right time!

Waiting for the signs that give you your metaphoric green light to go go go!

Yet this waiting game has been aided and abetted by total confusion about the law of attraction. As if a few affirmations and staring at your vision board is going to make opportunities come knocking on the door or unless you get that sign you will just wait. Of course that is how the law of attraction can bring everything to you but to get to that point you have to get over yourself and your limiting patterns first.

We all want; I think therefore I am, but to get to that point you need to know therefore you can and will and do first!

Now I love affirmations and vision boards but I also love creating my own perfect time as then the law of attraction doesn't suck.

Okay I admit I hauled you in to read this article with a title that is probably very clever but you came here because you love the idea and sentiment of the law of attraction but aren't really sure it works for you all the time. Am I right?

Here are 3 things you can do to STOP the law of attraction block and get the universe to really work for you.

If your intuition (and by intuition I don't mean emotions) is guiding you to experience something, create something or do something then DO IT. At least start taking real steps towards it as then universal momentum can and will make it so or take you to what was being hidden underneath that desire. A recent example is a story a woman shared at a networking event where she wanted to go to New Zealand to share how she does her lovely magic with someone there. She made enquiries about tickets and thought OK, cost is prohibitive at the moment and then as it happens a client of hers was returning to New Zealand to get married and wanted to pay for her to go and take photographs...that is attraction in all its beauty.

Admittedly you can't always just make enquiries sometimes you have to take action but if you let your intuition guide you not your fear or emotions you will know what to do!

Start to focus on joy. Now I am not talking emotions and happy happy, although happy is good, I am talking joy as a spiritual quality, which it is. When you are in joy you are in acceptance as well as empowerment so nothing passive. You are also in a peaceful place rather than panic and self-criticism. Joy is a power state of being and when you are in that place attracting, creating and manifesting are so much more effortless. (You can check out my short video on this if you like...!)

Do the inner work. If your life just feels like stop start, hiccup after hiccup and road blocks galore yet you think you are 'doing' everything right then it is time to do the inner work. Reading a self-development book is not doing the inner work, figuring it out all by yourself is a recipe for an un-risen cake. If you were able to do it all yourself then you wouldn't be in the place you find you are in and human nature is essentially at its core about community and receiving support AKA love from those that can support you. If you can't receive support and / or if you don't love yourself enough to invest in yourself when you identify you have a need then you can surely see why the law of attraction appears to suck for you. Fact is it is working exactly like it says because the law of attraction always does; it is simply what you are attracting that you don't like.

What do you think? What are you going to do differently so you attract what you desire in 2014?

Image created by Sarupa Shah!

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