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If like me you're always busy (whatever than means!), you probably aren't aware that you spend a high percentage of your life in a hypnotic, trance-like state.

Have you ever arrived at a destination and can't really remember how you got there? Next time you are out shopping, stop and look about as people fly past you, all in their own little worlds and totally oblivious to everyone and everything around them.

The chance is that you routinely follow the same flow day in, day out without ever thinking to pause.

At this time of the year stress is particulary common, with the pressure of Christmas and all that brings-presents, family, meals, finances. The list is endless and I'm sure it's not quite what was originally intended!

When something like our computer or phone is slowing down or just generally not performing 100%, one of the first things we do is LOG OUT and then RESTART and in most cases this is all that needs to be done to get things back to full effectiveness.

So the question is "What do you do to PAUSE and RESTART your most important resource YOU!?"

Here are some things that may work for you-

-Go for a walk or even run if you can and make sure to look up and notice what is going on around you-sights, sounds and even smells.

-Make a cup of tea

-Phone a friend (without a prompt from Chris Tarrant)

-Go a watch a movie

-Listen to some music

-Soak in a warm bath

-Practice some breathing exercises

-Yoga or self Hypnosis

Every now and again I like to completely LOG OUT from life. For me this is a holiday in the sun, with no watch and detached from normal day to day life. I literally put life on PAUSE and know that much like a paused TV show or DVD it will still be there when I get back and importantly I will be in a better state of mind to deal with things when I get back and LOG IN.

What are your PAUSE, RESTART and LOG OUT buttons? If you don't have any you may be about to overload!!