21/03/2017 09:01 GMT | Updated 22/03/2018 05:12 GMT

Why Is Tony Blair Still Being Given Screen-Time In The Media

Victoria Jones/PA Wire

It is obvious that Tony Blair is using the approach of Brexit as an opportunity to attempt to force his way back into the political world. He has shown himself to be an opportunist, so this isn't too surprising. What is shocking, however, is the fact that the main news broadcasters are giving him so many interviews. They are only giving him screen time, clearly, because he has become a controversial figure who will consequently attract viewers due to his infamous history. That is no excuse, though, to effectively elevate his status by taking such a high level of interest in what he has to say.

Politically, Blair achieved a great deal in government and many would argue that he was a highly successful Prime Minister. However, regardless of his political abilities, he was still jointly responsible for invading Iraq. An investigation into Blair's actions involving Iraq is not enough, the media has to play its part as well in displaying its intolerance towards war-mongerors. By giving him screen time and expressing excessive interest in his opinions, the main news broadcasters attach him with a degree of importance and respect, thus creating the illusion of his political significance. In reality, his political significance and standing left him the moment he foolishly chose to invade a country for no particular reason.

Even if there was a justifiable argument for giving Blair's views regarding Brexit any credibility, he has only offered silly ideas that could never be implemented. He has suggested that Labour should attempt to keep Britain in the EU if Brexit is unsuccessful. How would Labour be able to do that? Now that Brexit is a reality, we don't really have the option of going back on the referendum's verdict if it doesn't go well. That much has been established pretty clearly. It is also unlikely that Labour, with its current lack of effective leadership, would be able to suddenly find a way back into the EU after we very clearly shunned the establishment. Blair has no opinions to offer that haven't already been brought up multiple times. He has essentially argued that Brexit is bad - that isn't exactly a viewpoint we haven't heard before.

It is embarrassing that so much screen time on the main channels is being devoted to someone who instigated a war leading to countless military and civilian deaths, and that arguably played a part in the emergence of ISIS. It signifies the commercialised values of mainstream news broadcasters by highlighting their need to attract viewers at all costs. Another sad reality is that if Blair had been a Middle-Eastern leader invading our country he would most certainly be in jail by now, to say the least. Of course, the majority of the public did not experience the effects of the brutality that went along with the invasion of Iraq so it is easier to turn a blind eye. That doesn't make Blair's actions any less unforgivable.