What Depression Would Probably Say If It Could Speak

What Depression Would Probably Say If It Could Speak

Nowadays people talk more openly about how depression feels. It used to very much a taboo subject years ago but now there's more awareness than ever before.

It can be described as having a 'black dog' following you around all day, feeling depressed a lot or even in some cases - suicidal.

But what would depression say if it could talk to you? Nobody actually knows but I'm guessing it could be something controversial like this to spark a reaction;

"I'm going to get inside your head. I'll mess up your everyday. Your life will go in slow motion, some days even getting out of bed to get washed and dressed will seem like the biggest chore in the world.

People may call you lazy but that's because of me, not you.

You will have no warning signs just how bad I'm going to make you feel physically and mentally, and you'll even feel alone at times.

Because of me you'll also feel worthless, anger, hollow and vexed. Your emotions will become overloaded, the way in which you see the world will be different, situations (like social) no matter what they are - well you won't probably want to be in them, and that pint glass will remain half empty.

You'll be so irritated, see the negative in most things and you'll no longer know who you really are.

Then you'll isolate yourself when lacking a desire to do anything, maybe overeat for comfort or eat less due to lack of appetite.

You'll either sleep or not sleep at all, and I may even give you nightmares.

All of this put together your self esteem will suffer, you'll be anxious and not able to concentrate.

As for being amongst people and friends that will become less frequent and if you are ever in small or big open spaces you might want to scream even though you can't bring yourself to do so. This may well be due to paranoia, however if you're lucky I won't make you experience that, just the depression and everything else to go with it.

I exist but I'm not specifically here to target you, I'm just her to depress people in general purely and simply because I can.

Even medication won't ever rid of me, it will help just to try and control me. Tablets, lotions and / or potions don't always work, so I'll forever be around.

The only way to retaliate against me is to fight back and try to not let me bother you, for you not to 'listen' to me, so as to not let me drag you down to my level.

There's a lot more to me than meets the eye, but each day you'll learn this.

Good Luck in trying to handle me at your very worst. Good luck with that.

See you soon.

From Depression"

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