20/10/2013 18:09 BST | Updated 23/01/2014 18:58 GMT

Why Kim Kardashian's Butt Is None of Our Business

By now we've all probably seen Kim Kardashian's Instagrammed butt.

The Daily Mail reports on what a commotion her butt has caused on the Internet, 'Put on some mom jeans!': Now Kim Kardashian receives BIG online backlash over 'inappropriate' swimsuit selfie... four months after becoming a new mother.

The whole issue lies in what people consider to be appropriate behavior for a mother, especially a new mother.

We are supposed to be off nursing our baby, feeding our baby, shopping for our baby, loving our baby. That is all. We are mothers now. How dare we wish to express ourselves as women? And especially as sexy women!

Hello! Do people not realize how we got pregnant in the first place? Sex! So to say that loving ourselves and still wishing to express our beauty and sexuality now that we are Moms (with a capital M) is inappropriate is ridiculous. So what if Kim Kardashian likes posting Instagrams of her butt? If she has a "why" to do it - a reason that makes sense to her - and it makes her feel good then why should anyone get in a huff about it?

Why does the public think they have a right to determine what being a good mom is? We do not stop being women or being humans with desires and goals when we become mothers. It's time we stop judging mothers for being themselves.

I have gone through my own struggle with what society deems appropriate or not as an ex-stripper and nude model. I have learned to tame my sexuality. I have taught myself to dampen my feelings and urges; I have labeled my past as wrong and bad.


But I am now working on healing my relationship to my sexuality. I am working on accepting that the voice that speaks deep inside of me is not wrong or bad just because our society labels sexual desires and needs in mothers as such.

I feel empowered to sometimes be sexy. I want to be seen as desirable.


I am choosing to not label myself as a whore for wanting to and enjoying who I am as a sexual being.

And if that need to express myself, my soul and my sexuality comes through the form of being photographed as a sexual woman, not just a mother, then I will let society label me as "inappropriate."

We may judge Kim Kardashian because of our own values and definitions of the word appropriate, but only she can decide and choose what brings her joy, expression and peace.