28/04/2014 09:36 BST | Updated 28/06/2014 06:59 BST

Girlie #FoodPorn Tweets - Can You Stomach Them?

Drippy sexy cheesy #FoodPorn tweets. We've all read & managed to digest them, then enjoyed the seemingly unstoppable locomotion of mince blaze a trail around pop-ups everywhere, fuelled by testosterone tweeting and hoards of meat mad consumers. Brands almost became parodies of themselves and then did, with a competitive edge to who could produce the sauciest strapline in 140 characters with accompanying Instagram of succulent, juicy pieces of meat.

An easy transition to make then one would assume, between one piece of meat and another.


Who's going to mind if over-excitable burger boys like LoveFromTheStreets and RedBank Co substitute the food they actually cook for some random girls in various stages of undress, arousal and um, pain & distress, if the last image is anything to go by? Well, me. I mind. I don't like it. Don't like it in my Twitter feed, don't like it in my social media, don't like it in my face. As it were.

What on earth makes anyone think that these sort of images, dug up from the tragic 70′s when the objectification of women was a valid promotional method, enhances their brand? The sort of lads who are a wickle bit sad that Nuts has folded, that's who. The sort of lads who still snigger when someone mentions the word Tits. Pretty girls will always be used to sell stuff, as will pretty boys, but for me, these in particular are unnecessary, deliberately porn-led steps in the wrong direction.

Having worked in the building industry for 18yrs I'm no prude when it comes light hearted banter, everyday sexism and letting things slide when things don't *really* matter but come on. Really, foodie people? Really?