06/01/2014 07:12 GMT | Updated 07/03/2014 05:59 GMT

Real Family Food Challenge - Step One - SWAP

Happy New Year and welcome to the Real Family Food Challenge. All in Sian's Plan are getting on board!

What you eat affects you and your family's health (because you influence what is eaten) inside and outside the home. We all know that wholesome real homecooked food is the key to keeping our families healthy. We also know that it is easier said than done. However, the good news is that it is possible and it can be fun.

All it takes is 4 easy steps over 4 weeks. Over the next four weeks I am going to help you regain complete control of your kitchen, swap processed foods for real foods, eat healthily and have fun with your family inside and outside the kitchen with the money you save.

SWAP processed food for real food

The Tips:

Healthy eating starts with real food in your home.

You can start this by getting your food store cupboard right. Take the new year to clean it, throw out foods where the used by date has passed and opened packets of foods where the best by date has passed. Stock only essential ingredients. Check out our Essential Healthy Store Cupboard list.

Swap 'bad' foods for 'good' ones:

  • Wholegrain pasta, bread and rice is better than white versions;
  • Keep a tin of tomatoes and an onion in your press rather than processed pasta/bolognese sauces,
  • Use a carton of yoghurt and an egg instead of white lasagne sauce
  • Watch tinned fruits and make sure you use the own juice variety.

Have a look at my video on how to swap 'bad' foods.

The Tasks:

1. Clear out your store cupboard and stock it with my list of key ingredients.

2. Say no to ready made meals, takeaways, commercially made sandwiches and fruit juices and carbonated drinks consumed at home or in the workplace for one week.

3. Cook one dish straight from store cupboard items. Did you know that with a well stocked store cupboard, you can make lots of quick and healthy dishes such as Mexican Chilli Bean Soup, Salmon Fish Cakes, Spicy Veggie Burgers or even the Aloo Matar (Vegetable Curry) below. Yum yum.

The Help:

Make sure you follow me on Twitter and Facebook for lots more tips, tricks, links and videos. And let me know how you're getting on.

I've also gathered a few helpful guides to help you on your way:

Good luck!